Zombie Wars


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Adam Mayfield as David
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arkadi-ka 2 / 10

Terrible... absolutely terrible...

Reasons why this sh1t is retarded: 1.) The zombies are intelligent enough to run a farm for humans, and they can execute planned and organized attacks, but they haven't figured out how to use guns or other weapons.

2.) The slave humans are raised in conditions where they never learn to even speak, yet the zombies were thoughtful enough to provide them with bra and pantie sets from Vicky Secrets.

3.) The human anti-zombie defenses consist of a simple, waist-high gate... but no fence.

4.) The "soldiers" guarding this awesome barrier can't tell the difference between a human and a zombie. Hmm, let's see, he's not rotting or even blood-stained, he's wearing our uniform and is carrying a gun, and he is a well-known soldier among the regiments. I know, let's shoot him in the head!

5.) The city of the "bad" humans who masterminded this whole zombie farm plot is populated by 5 old guys protected by a total of two soldiers (also guarding a gate with no fence). Actually, it was 4 old guys and some bewildered fat dude that looked like he was part of the camera crew, but they needed another extra.

6.) The female "general" is not attractive by any stretch of imagination, which makes their attempts to sex her up all the more painful. Also, what kind of commanding officer constantly hugs her troops?

7... oh forget it, i don't even want to write anymore about this stupid, POS movie. It might be slightly enjoyable if you're high and have company to laugh at it with, and there's nothing else on at 3 am.

Reviewed by imdb1 4 / 10

This movie is a factor of 2000 off.

This movie has B-film written all over it. The acting isn't extremely bad, just not too good. I'm still amazed that I kept looking actually, and, believe it or not, that had to do with the plot. I DID want to know what was going on. Spoiler follows: What really breaks this movie however is the ending; the final explanation of why humans support this farm is off by a factor of 2000. Somewhere in the movie they say that about 5 humans were killed for food per day... And judging from the age of those who I saw, they certainly weren't killed before an average of 25. Thus, lets assume that 25 IS the average age, then the farm should contain 45625 humans... Sorry, but I only saw a hand full. It simply makes no sense whatsoever. Also, given that by far most of the population of the Earth are supposed to be zombies, and since they only eat people, there is no reason why this very small farm would ever keep zombies from attacking that "village" in great numbers anyway. The very pillars that this movie is based upon make no sense, and therefore the motivation of the zombies, nor that of the people in the village makes any sense. And where were the children? In a human-farm where people are grown for food, there should have been the same number of people of every age, even MORE of the young ones. But you see no child whatsoever?! Yet another "plot" that is nothing more than an insult to the spectator.

Reviewed by trashgang 3 / 10

a war to get trough this flick

David A. Prior, I will respond with Sledgehammer from 1983. From there on it's downhill with flicks from prior but still he kept making movies and still sell them. When you are in Germany as a horror geek you will always be attracted to the sleeves of DVD's and Blu Ray's. But Germany also has a speciality to change names from flicks towards more attractive names, this is called Zombie Wars but in Germany it came out as War Of The Living Dead. Admit, nice title, and that's the best thing of this stinker.

The acting isn't really good, as was the script, zombies capturing humans, really. the zombies really are looking cheap. The flick starts pretty well, but after a while you get it, zombies being shot in the head, next zombie being shot in the head, next zombie....and it goes on and on with nothing happening at all. Really, it was a war to get through this.

Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

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