Zebra Girl


Comedy / Mystery / Thriller

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Tom Cullen as Dan
Jade Anouka as Anita
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adouchanova 9 / 10

Bold, and totally brilliant

This film is excellent - its bold, unapologetic to confront some very big and meaningful topics (neglect, child abuse, mental illness) and perfectly captures the complex mind of a psychopath (Catherine, the main character). What is most impressive, is how accurate the portrayal is; the cast and writers clearly went to great lengths to research these topics. The pace of the film is also fantastic; it keeps you on your toes, guessing and engaged the whole way through. It's thrilling, but also has the substance to back it up. The acting was brilliant, as was the cinematography - absolutely loved it!

Reviewed by sandravalero-50048 10 / 10

It's not schizophrenia... Get smart, idiots.

Couple quick things about this terrific film.

1. It's clearly not schizophrenia, but schizoaffective disorder: bipolar type. (Know what you're looking at)

2. What happens to Catherine at home, as a child, has ZERO to do with her mental illness.

When mental illness and childhood trauma collide, we get CATHERINE.

But if she had no childhood trauma, she still be on the spectrum and in need of help. (Clinically/pharmaceutically - the film takes only a small stance on the side of meds)

And if she wasn't on the spectrum, and only suffering from childhood trauma, she'd still need help.

Because it's both we have a collision of unfortunate circumstances that lead to this monster.

The Slender Man girls who attempted murder on their friend has THIS EXACT SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES working against them.

Reviewed by zndmrcprg 9 / 10

Just short of epic

Great film. Read previous reviews and was sceptical.

Didn't expect to like it as much as I did but the hour 20 went quick enough.

The acting was solid, the Catherines were perfectly cast and Dan was as you'd expect - could have done with a bit more ruthlessness though.

Would definitely recommend for a bit of a difference.

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