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Patrick McGoohan as Moor Larkin
Anita Ekberg as Salma
André Morell as Maj. Atherton
Victor Mature as Zarak Khan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 7 / 10

Anita Ekberg burns up the screen with her sexy figure...

In "Zarak", Victor Mature didn't take his own acting ability too seriously... but he had a special sense of humor and the art to play the mighty outlaw of the territory with great bravery and courage...

Zarak Khan is in love with Salma... Salma is one of the wives of his hateful and offensive father Hajji Khan (Frederick Valk). Salma is the statuesque and voluptuous blonde Anita Ekberg, who remains the impossible love of the mighty rebel...

Anita Ekberg burns up the screen with her sexy figure... She looks so radiant and beautiful in her oriental gown, it really flatters her figure... Anita, as always, is tasty and juicy, but acting is not something that she excels in... Her zest is evident in her romantic scenes with Mature, but she stands exposed in places that require serious emoting...

The one dimensional portrayal of all the characters is something common to the genre... Michael Wilding is not bad as the British political officer in pursuit of Zarak...

Shot in Morocco, and photographed in CinemaScope and Technicolor, "Zarak" is somewhat an entertaining adventure...

Reviewed by Aarwin916 8 / 10

To Sheik or Not to Sheik

In 1956 I was a twelve year old girl, going to the Saturday Matinée with my friends. The things I remember best about Zarak were the marvelous colors of the costumes, the romantic plot line and the desert fighting. It was both a Swash and a Buckle, and made even more exciting by its exotic location. Victor Mature was a bit long in the tooth, and probably could have played the father instead of the son, but he was still in good enough shape for my twelve year old heart to side with the errant lovers. Anita Ekburg didn't actually act much, but she was spectacular---in living color and almost in the costumes. In comparison to Victor Matures' be-robed macho, Michael Wilding seemed a bit of a stuffed shirt, leading most twelve year old girls to decide that Arabs were much sexier than Englishmen!

Reviewed by dinky-4 7 / 10

Whips up a full serving of entertainment

They don't make 'em like this anymore, and more's the pity. It's hokey, contrived, politically incorrect, and laced with clichés, but it blissfully transports one back to that innocent, popcorn-scented time in the balcony of the local Bijou when Technicolor images flickering across a silver screen could sweep one into a magical world of harem girls and charging horsemen.

Structurally, the film is a bit of a mess, stitching together a forbidden romance between star-crossed lovers, a stiff-upper-lip adventure about civilized British soldiers subduing pagan hordes, and a personal drama about the growing respect between two enemy combatants. While the plot is a mishmash, however, it's never dull, it moves along at a merry clip, and it fills the CinemaScope screen with lively, colorful, filmed-in-Morocco images.

Michael Wilding and Patrick McGoohan are properly British, Anita Ekberg never looked more glamorous, and Victor Mature was born to play just this sort of thing. Lean back, set your brain at "Idle," and enjoy!

(Incidentally, Victor Mature is flogged twice in this movie. The one which occurs in the first reel is especially vivid and it ranks 52nd on a list published in the book, "Lash! The Hundred Great Scenes of Men Being Whipped in the Movies.")

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