Yoga Hosers


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 12588

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Haley Joel Osment as Adrien Arcand
Adam Brody as Ichabod
Natasha Lyonne as Tabitha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by highlander_31527 6 / 10

Silly, with tongue in cheek.

I have seen reviews here bashing the movie. Yoga Hosers is no Godfather. This is obvious. I have been watching Kevin Smith movies for nearly 25 years. Instead, look at the fun the actors are having. This movie stars Johnny Depp, his kids, with Kevin Smiths daughter, Johnny Depp's ex girlfriend and mother of his children, Kevin Smith and wife, Jason Mewes, Stan The Man Lee....all of these people friends. It was done for fun, and to poke fun at Canada and millenial culture. If I had the pull and the money, I'd do it too. Kevin Smith does this, every now and then grabs up his friends and makes something silly, and goes back to making the movies that earn huge amounts of money. Does no one remember the line from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? You make the safe film, then you make the art film. And sometimes, you make a film for your friends. That is Kevin Smith. Sometimes he just wants to have fun with his friends. The relationship Kevin Smith has with his daughter is one that every father should dream of having. Or am I the only one moved by seeing Harley Quinn Smith in tears when Kevin Smith gave her the bat used by Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad as a gift? And Depp. It is like he has a side of him that reasonates with Kevin Smith. He plays a lot of roles in movies, but seeing him onscreen during one scene with his daughter and cracking wise that she may not be old enough for what he is talking about was great. The movie is not in my top fifty, but it was nice to see friends and family making jokes and enjoying themselves.

Reviewed by KineticSeoul 2 / 10

When a guy goes super manchild, has a daughter and teams up with Johnny Depp and his daughter then writes a script.

I know Kevin Smith is the type of guy that does have a sense of humor, and is good at telling stories that is based on his life. This is basically a montage of stuff put together by Kevin Smith to promote his daughter and to build a bond with Johnny Depp. So he tries very hard to make it funny, edgy, slick, hip, angsty and cool. But it's all just so darn annoying and contrived, and let me tell you...This is a very annoying movie to sit through. I can see what Kevin Smith was trying to do, at least for some of it but it falters in every level. From the introduction of the characters, which he probably tried to rip off of Scott Pilgrim to the awful dialogue. Watching this is like watching an adult trying to relive he teenage years but more difficult to watch. And the two duo which is composed of Kevin Smith's daughter and Johnny Depp's daughter. And they are more irritating and annoying to watch than the duo from "Ghost World". At least in "Ghost World" it had a purpose but this one does not. And most of the screen time is taken up with the teenage duo doing awkward yoga and awkward singing. It's fine if people want to do these kinds of stuff during their free time but it doesn't mean it's pleasant to watch. You know those people that thinks they are so much cooler than everyone else, so they gossip and talks trash about everyone except the ones that genuinely cares about them. Well that is the two characters in this, sure teenagers can do dumb things. I use to do dumb things as well, but the duo just go beyond that in this. They aren't evil teens just very very very annoying to watch teens. If they did dumb stuff and it was at least clever or funny than there would be a difference. You as an audience won't get a single laugh out of this. Even the laughter from the characters in this flick seemed so forced and fake. As a matter of fact, everything about this movie seemed forced. Johnny's daughter will probably make it to stardom thanks to her father's resources and connections. But I can't say the same for Kevin Smith's daughter. This whole movie is a montage of "hey guys look what my daughter can do". Overall, if you want to waste time getting annoyed and irritated for almost an hour and 30 minutes than give this a try. If not, then I highly recommend you stay away from this one.


Reviewed by billking6666 1 / 10

Two words for Kevin Smith

Grow Up! You are too old to be making naughty teener movies. Maybe there is something to pot affecting your brain, because you had groundbreaking classics in Dogma and Chasing Amy, but this garbage is worse than the indie junk produced by high school kids.

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