2019 [KOREAN]

Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 253

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Ye Ji Seo as Sung Eun-young
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by denishorvat 6 / 10

Korean Nighlife

A criminal carousel in which the manager of a nightclub becomes involved in the cycle of struggle of bandits, law enforcement officers and politicians. A lot of set-ups, turns, coups and upheavals, but not much else, solid korean nightlife movie

Reviewed by phd_travel 4 / 10

A confusing movie but fans of the 2 stars may want to check it out

The story of this comedy thriller is confusingly told with too many characters. It's hard to follow unless you are very good at remembering names and faces after brief introductions. The bare bones of the story is about a nightclub owner his friend and his clientele manager and how they get caught up in a conflict with prosecutors and gangsters. It is possible to make out but the twists and turns are difficult to keep up with. The good points are getting to see the leading stars. It's nice to see the striking Seo Ye Ji from It's Okay to not be Okay in a modern thriller. Also Park Hae Soo acts so differently from the simple guy in Prison Playbook. The comic relief is his funny nonsense chatter. This isn't a good movie but fans of the 2 stars may want to watch it

Reviewed by famillelatrech 6 / 10


Well I can't really call this an action movie. It's 2 hours long so the pace seemed a little slow. The first 10 minutes were really interesting! Seo ye Ji's role wasn't very well developed Idk but it could be better. However, the cinematography was lit! Very beautiful colouring and luminosity with mesmerizing shots of the night life in seoul. I liked the idea of integrating quantum physics in the scenario but the writer couldn't do it perfectly. I think there is something missing Idk how to describe it maybe some suspense idk... Anyways.. I would give it a 5.5 or a 6 as a global rate, a 7 for the good acting (although I couldn't see a special scene in which the actor could show his true potential) and a legit 9 for directing and cinematography. SHOULD YOU WATCH THIS? Yes, if you have a spare time you can have fun watching it.

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