Yakuza and the Family


Action / Crime / Drama

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Gô Ayano as Kenji Yamamoto
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by therealjaysmoke 5 / 10

Was great and then it wasn't great!

Everything was perfect until he returned from prison and the movie just went from 10 to 0 real quick. I really had high hopes for the main character Lil Ken but it's so unfortunate the direction in which the director decided to take the whole story. It had so much potential to be one of the greatest Yakuza movies of all time but they totally missed the mark. Sad ending to a great build up.

Reviewed by bryanloyal 9 / 10

The life of Yakuza Family

I don't really know how yakuza living in japan right now, but if I assume from this movie, there is really big discrimination for people who wanted second chance to change their life. I had watch documentary about yakuza who opened ramen shop because community rejected all of them and they can't work like ordinary people.

If what happen in this movie was true, I can't even think how to make a living, It's so terrible.

I watch so many gangs, mafia, yakuza movie, all of them telling about how cool their life with brotherhood, loyalty and luxury. But this movie talk about the truth how yakuza experienced nowdays since their era has passed. This was the best yakuza movie that have a huge impact after I watch it. It so good, and the feel and emotion was real.

I think this movie have to take part in movie festival, the world need to know that yakuzas isn't just about brotherhood and crime.

I recommend this movie for people who wanted the other side of the yakuzas.

Reviewed by guest_yo 6 / 10

Was great until the last 25 minutes...

I was just about to say this was the best yakuza movie.... right until those last 25 minutes. Wtf happened, they overdid it way too much, and so many inconsistencies... can't believe they ruined it this bad just like that. Giving it a 6 because 80% of the movie was great.

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