Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Romance

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Michael Trucco as Steven Verdel
Victor Webster as Hunter
Aleks Paunovic as Brick
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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

A Good Sequel – Not As Bad As Indicated in Some Reviews

Lisa Burnley (Tara Spencer-Nairn) owns a boutique and lives with her beloved boy-friend Sam (Jason Thompson), who became crippled and very bitter after a motorcycle accident. Sam's lawyer Steven Verdel (Michael Trucco) has a crush on Lisa. The Wishmaster possesses Steven's body, and he tries to grant three wishes to Lisa, to release the Djinn demons and start the Armagedon on Earth. However, when she tells Steven: "- I wish I could love you for who you really are.", her third wish is a paradox, since it depends on herself to be granted. The Wishmaster unsuccessfully tries to seduce Lisa.

Although having flaws in the story, "Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled" is a good sequel. I like this character very much, and the two first movies are excellent. In this fourth episode, there is a lack of humor in the deaths of The Wishmaster. Further, there is a character, Hunter, supposed to be good, but the guy decapitates an innocent woman without any reason. Lisa is the "Waker" that will fulfill the prophecy since she found the red stone. One who wakes a djin shall be given three wishes. Upon granting the third, an unholy legion of djins are freed through a doorway between the worlds upon the Earth. The actress Tara Spencer-Nairn has a beautiful body (specially her breasts) and is very gorgeous. Therefore, this film is not as bad as indicated in some IMDb reviews. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil) "O Mestre dos Desejos 4" ("The Wishmaster 4")

Reviewed by dunny 8 / 10

suprisingly good!

The Wishmaster sequels havent been too good, the second was average but basically just ripped the same plot from the original and the third I didnt even bother watching because of how bad the trailer was, BUT Im glad too say Wishmaster 4 is a good sequel!

The story was good although the warrior angle was crap and unnecessary. The Djinn was fine, although not as good as Divoff .. the acting was good from all and didnt feel like a cheap sequel. Add in some Gore and Nudity and you have a nice horror film thats better then recent Cinema releases!

Only two downsides was the ending could have been better and the warrior scene was crap (thankfully it didnt take up much of the film)

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 6 / 10

Wishmaster 4: What a predicament for a persistent genie who loves wearing kilts.

I first saw this on a dvd in the mid 2k. Revisited it recently on a dvd which I own. For the last time (since this is the final one), our poor genie gets a chance to enter our world n he even succeeds when the awaker wishes for the third time but the genie delays in fulfilling the third wish as it lands him into trouble. He is pestered by his tribes who all r annoyed as to why the genie is delaying in fulfilling his third wish. The movie gets interesting but somehow gets dull cos of the lack of kills n tension. It has a decapitation scene, a knuckle gets smashed, nose n tongue gets severed, ample amount of nudity. In fact this one has the best babe out of all the other three parts n we do get to see her nude.

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