Winifred Meeks


Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 2.6 10 40

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10

Oh dear lord, the boredom. The boredom....

As I sat down to watch the 2021 horror movie "Winifred Meeks" from writer and director Jason Figgis, then I was expecting to see a horror movie, as it was labeled as a horror movie here on IMDb. But instead I was in for a movie of absolute boredom and something being really remote from being a horror movie.

Well, unless you consider a whole movie of virtually nothing happening as horror, then by all means "Winifred Meeks" is pure horror.

The storyline told in "Winifred Meeks", as written by Jason Figgis definitely sounded good on its descriptive synopsis, but wow, translated to the screen it was pure torment to sit through. This movie was so uneventful that you could watch the first 5 minutes, leave, and then come back for the last 5 minutes and you wouldn't have missed a single thing of the movie.

And I must admit paired with the synopsis, then the movie's cover and the fact that it had Lara Belmont in the lead role were good selling points to the movie, and it definitely had set up some expectations to the movie. And director Jason Figgis just delivered 1 hour and 28 minutes of nothing.

I do enjoy horror movies and have seen more than my share, but "Winifred Meeks" is definitely a top contender for being a pointless and boring horror movie. If you are a fan of the horror genre, then you must do yourself a favor and stay well clear of this 2021 train wreck of a movie.

This is a movie that could potentially be used in studies to cure insomnia. Talk about being boring. It was just uncanny.

My rating of Jason Figgis's "Winifred Meeks" lands on a generous two out of ten stars, based solely on the production value of the movie.

Reviewed by ops-52535 3 / 10

the key word is ominous...

In britain every house older than one generation more or less has some kind of ghost attached to it, the brits are good at that, why so happens is still a mystery, as the mystery we follow in this slow burning ,very small casted called winifreed meeks.

Its a sexually betrayed woman author, that needs a change of space to get harmsway by her beloved one, to try to write and finish a book asap according to her publisher. Dad takes the job as a house seeker, and comes to find a house near the coast i guess southeastshores of england..the woman do get her writing done, but do sense that there are some omnity in the premises. She starts searching local sources , libraries and the web to find the prehistory of the house..

its a slowburning one womans show, not particularly scary, and the storyline must be some of the easiest every foreign interprette job ever done, the acting is realistic, non panicking british, the film hold itself at boyancy do to good, but not overly great filmography. And ominous sound and music follows you all the time as an ambient poltergeist, the locations and the house she lives in is just amazing, seems like a large bed and breakfast hired at a low cost due to pandemic lockdown, 7 or 8 bedrooms there is for sure.

So its a ghost film, is it a friendly ghost i wont tell, just let yourself into the tale, though without the grumpy old mans recommendations. Recommendations.

Reviewed by browndaniel-52639 5 / 10

Too much

I had high hopes when I read about this film, being a fan of Lara Belmont and the supernatural genre. I settled down last week to watch it hoping to be entertained by a good tale and I was. To a point.

The acting was great and there was a good eerie atmosphere throughout the film.

Unfortunately I felt the film would have worked better as a 45 minute one off TV drama. I'm sorry to say I just felt there was a lot of time where nothing happened. I also sadly didn't like the films ending..

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