Wild Geese II


Action / Adventure / Thriller

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Richard Harris as Capt. Rafer Janders
Laurence Olivier as Rudolf Hess
Scott Glenn as John Haddad
Patrick Stewart as Russian General
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by welshNick 8 / 10

Don't treat this as a sequel .....

The original Wild Geese was a cinematic classic. This was rather unfortunately named Wild Geese II - that was its first mistake. The original had an all star cast, part II had only a few. However, if you view this film without trying to make comparisons to the original, you end up with a thoroughly good romp through the very pretty city of Berlin. Scott Glen is excellent as the mercenary who has a price on his head, Edward Fox is also good though he has done better. The main plot is to get Hess out of Spandau prison. Everything appears to be going well. In a well executed plan all seems to go well until the end ..... watch and see !!!

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Thrilling story about some mercenaries hired to break out Rudolph Hess from Spandau Prison

This inferior sequel deals about a new group of the much-wanted mercenaries (Scott Glenn, Edward Fox, John Terry among others) assigned by a rich television network (Robert Webber, Barbara Carrera) to free famous arch-Nazi war criminal Rudolph Hess.

The film is packed with noisy action, thrills, suspense, tension and lots of violence . It contains uncomfortable mix of flaws and gaps with little believable situations and is badly developed. The picture is middling directed by Peter Hunt who made one of the best Bond films : ¨On her majestic's secret service ¨, furthermore ,¨Death hunt¨ and ¨Shout the devil¨. The movie is dedicated to Richard Burton , he played the original film (along with Roger Moore, Hardy Kruger,Richad Harris, Stewart Granger), that was better than you would expect.

Adding more details about those described on the movie regarding Rudolph Hess - very well played by Laurence Olivier- and his Spandau prison, the events were the following : Hess was privately distressed by the war with Great Britain, because he, like almost other Nazis , hoped that would accept Germany as an ally . He thought to score a diplomatic victory by sealing a peace and attempted to contact the Duke of Hamilton in Scotland. On 10 May 1941 , Hess took off in a Messerschmitt. Hess parachuted over Renfrewshire , Scotland, there a farmer named David McLain declared to have arrested Hess with his pitchfork. Hess then became a defendant at the Nuremberg trial of the International Military Tribunal where in 1946 was found guilty on two counts and he was given a life sentence. On 1987 , Hess died while under four power imprisonment at Spandau prison in west Berlin , at the age 93. He was found with an electric cord wrapped around his neck. Spandau prison was subsequently demolished to prevent it from becoming a shrine

Reviewed by fenderred 9 / 10

Wild Geese 2

I have long been interested in the then divided Germany and particularly the ravaged Eastern sector of Berlin which retained to a degree damaged the last war.

Wild Geese 2 is a film that isn't that easy to find and unlike the original film hasn't been subject of a free giveaway DVD with Sunday newspapers.

This is a fair story, about the plan to abduct Rudolf Hess from Spandau prison in Berlin, where he was held as a prisoner after the Nuremburg trials in 1946. Its a good pot-boiler premise of a thriller and was set to star Sir Richard Burton, unfortunately he died before filming commenced.

Edward Fox stepped into the role Burton would have taken and he does a great job in that part.

The Hammer films actress Ingrid Pitt makes a brief appearance in the film - she escaped from the East Berlin sector by swimming the River Spree in 1962 after the wall had gone up and was picked up by a patrol of American soldiers.

Ingrid Pitt did a few film appearances in Berlin, a situation she wasn't easy with having had to escape from the city in 1962, her filming was done before the wall came down in 1989

It was a shame that Ingrid Pitt didn't feature more in the film, when you look at Who dares wins from the same year (1982), she put in a good performance as Helga, a big wheel in the People's Lobby movement in that film.

Had Ingrid Pitt's character been used to exert influence over Barbra Carrera's character for instance, it might have given the film a more dynamic effect and put Ingrid Pitt higher up the credits too, she was sadly underused in this film.

Wild Geese 2 is much like Where Eagles dare in a general sense, it is laced with danger and double cross throughout and up to the end there is no certainty that the mission objective will be successful.

A good film overall, but I think more could have been made of some of the character's performances, especially Laurence Olivier, he only appears mainly towards the end, they could have wrought more out of his back story in the script I think.

Perhaps the screenplay was cut short, for instance, how Scot Glenn's character manages to become equipped for the job, how Edward Fox's character does too, more detail in the film would have been worthwhile.

Overall a watchable film.

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