Wicked Tales



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 1 / 10

Wow, this was bad...

Right, well usually I am not overly keen on anthologies, as the majority of such tend to be rather boring and plain. But the synopsis for this 2018 anthology "Wicked Tales" definitely sounded like it could be interesting.

Sounded like it...

From the dialogue in the first tale alone then I was actually ready to call it quits on this anthology. The way the actors and actresses talked, and the horrible dialogue they had to deliver was just painful to listen to. But I opted to give the anthology a chance, so I continued on to the second tale.

But turns out that "Wicked Tales" was not even remotely close to being interesting. It was, in fact, actually the most laughable and horrible of anthologies that I have yet stumbled upon. And I managed only to sit through two of the tales, then I gave up out of sheer boredom.

The stories told in the two tales I managed to suffer through were pointless and so horrible directed. There were no red thread throughout the course of the stories, and it just seemed like a random heap of scenes cut together.

And little did it help the anthology that the acting was unfathomably wooden and rigid, nay, amateurish and laughable. This was definitely some of the most atrocious of acting performances I have seen. And the dialogue that writers Miracle Davis and Ike Ojukwu had conjured up for the actors and actresses to deliver was bad, so very, very bad.

Then there was the issue of the special effects and CGI effects. Well, at least they tried, let's just give them credit for that. The effects were passable as poor special effects go, but the CGI effects were worse than graphics from a 1990s computer game.

If you enjoy horror anthologies, do yourself a favor and skip on the 2018 "Wicked Tales". There was absolutely nothing wicked about this ordeal.

My rating of "Wicked Tales" land on a one out of ten stars. Yeah, it was that bad. I have no interest in returning to watch the rest of this 2018 anthology.

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