Why Did You Kill Me?


Crime / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 2418

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stefstars 2 / 10

Poorly Done

Why was this advertised like it was going to heavily revolve around catfishing during the MySpace era ? The preview you see on the main Netflix screen doesn't play that big of a role as you think it will. The documentary is really about gang violence in Riverside, California. Honest advertising would have left me less salty with this. However, it's not done well overall. The girl lost her life because everyone around her was playing with fire nearly all their lives, the family included. From the get-go I already knew the family wasn't exactly a reliable source, especially the mom. You get even more frustrated when you hear that she was high on the night that the girl was murdered. No wonder she nearly got a poor innocent kid thrown in jail early on in the case. I couldn't stand seeing the mom any longer, she almost blew the case because she can't let go of her old street thug habits. She's no better than the thugs who killed her kid - even her sons were more level headed than her and they're gangsters.

The way they reenact the crime scene is with toy trucks and with figurines that look like the old "homies" ones from the early 2000's. That could work but it seemed really low effort in this documentary. I guess a lot of the budget went towards the MySpace page scenes. I don't know how old the little girl was that started the catfishing MySpace account, she still looks really young even now. That was a smart idea until the victim's mom ruined it. Still it's a bit scary to think of this underage girl catfishing gangsters on social media, you can tell it messed her up a bit, plus she was posing as a dead woman ! The whole thing is messed up all around.

The documentary doesn't really leave you sympathizing with anyone, it gets you upset at everyone involved more than anything. However, I did feel sympathy for the girl who started the catfish MySpace profile and the parents of the gangster who got their house burned down. They're the only people that were dragged into the middle of all this without doing anything along with the victim. I stuck around to see who pulled the trigger and what ended up happening, but the journey to get there is infuriating. The documentary could've been a lot of shorter or honestly this could've been an episode in a gang violence docuseries or something - the case wasn't worth a whole documentary to itself.

All in all, the documentary doesn't teach you anything new. It sounds morbid to say this but this is too much of a simple crime to make a "true crime" documentary about. This girl was sadly surrounded by trouble and it was bound to happen at some point. It happens every day in gang riddled communities and it's always unfortunate. Her particular case, the only interesting thing was the MySpace catfishing to catch the culprit.

I'd skip this one. Just Google the case if you're curious. Don't give any of these people the attention - especially the mom.

Reviewed by zacorem 2 / 10

I give it 2 stars because it kept my attention

That said, the Doc wants you to feel sorry for the mother. Who was high at the time of her daughter's death. She sold meth and probably killed 1000 times the amount of people as the murderer did. At the end of the story I felt more sorry for the gang member who ratted out his gang. He did more for her daughter then she ever did. And because of it he has to live the rest of his days with eyes in the back of his head. Even more so now with this documentary.

Reviewed by chopperDavo 4 / 10

Could have been a lot better

I'm a true crime lover, and this was a story that could have made for a very good documentary. But it was presented in a confusing manner, especially at the start. I was difficult to work out what actually happened - it's not until about half way through that they reveal enough so that you know the basic facts about how the murder took place.

I guess this was all to keep the viewer hooked - they want you to keep watching so they hide basic facts. A typical Netflix way of doing things I have to say.

Part of the confusion though was that the family of the young woman who was killed looked like out and out criminals. And it turns out they were. Covered in tats and mumbling their way through the interviews. Led by a mother who's got to be one of the dumbest creatures to walk the earth.

It was also much longer than it needed to be. 45 minutes would have been plenty, but just when the story is progressing they go and do some background on one of the characters...

And as others have said, social media actually only played a fairly small part in this. It's really a story about disaffected young guys joining gangs and shooting at each other. And a young woman caught up in it all who gets shot unintentionally.

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