White Savior: Racism in the American Church



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by J0SCH 3 / 10

Simplistic, lacking depth, more focused on racism in America than the actual Church

The first half of this is focused on racism in America almost entirely, with a pretty basic and high level overview on the topic. It's not until about the halfway mark where Christianity starts to come in, and even then, it weaves in and out of focus on the Church in the back half. If you take the parts actually focused on racism in the church, this could have been a 15 minute YouTube video.

It feels like a rather basic term paper a student turned in last minute. Don't waste your time, look for other sources of information on this topic elsewhere online. Unfortunately this is an important and relevant topic/issue and I'm not trying to belittle it, it's just that this film fails to provide depth on this topic.

Reviewed by noshimonoriku 2 / 10

Hypocritical and Contradictory

Fantastic rundown of how Christianity has dehumanized, degraded and out to destroy entire cultures that aren't White. Making statements like, "America is a melting pot. Meaning everything will become one thing, and that one thing is white." All the while slowly disregarding all the history and facts, and just promoting more inclusion into Christianity. This documentary shows the hypocrisy in how White people have misinterpreted the Bible, and use it to dilute cultures into being more white, and ultimately shows how after generations of this dilution, all the People of Color who break down the White Christian influence, are still Christian and follow it. A clear example of brainwashing through the generations. A wonderful example of how White Christians are still winning.

This documentary made me more angry than anything. I was confused as to what the message was. And if it was to show how heavily Christianity has influenced America and even the world, they did an amazing job, because all the Christian People of Color in the film, explaining the history, don't even see they're own hypocrisy.

Reviewed by seekthepath 2 / 10

Historical & Social Misinterpretation

A film which further delivers on "progressive" ideals, transfer of power, intersectionality, & contemporary movement without acknowledging much of the United States changes & progressive movement while it continues to evolve. Half way through the film it becomes an agenda & propaganda to Black Lives Matter, Anti-Whiteness & criticism to Western Civilization. A complete hypocritical lens considering the same individuals who speak of lack of "diversity" explicitly have the privilege to enact & practice their faith as they see fit in the U.S. The issue with our society are films & education like this one, which displays & ironically expresses hatred to a group in this case "white supremacy". These aren't christian values but rather an execution & separist idealogy. This furthers inflames racial tensions. For starters, we can't reconcile our differences by continue labeling groups, but recognizing cultural differences & embracing those differences.

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