Whiskey Mountain


Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 181

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 4 / 10

Perhaps an actual bottle of whiskey could have made this more fun….

Yi-haaaa, now where did I put my banjo? It has been ages since I watched a good old-fashioned 70's hillbilly-hicks exploitation thriller that shamelessly imitates the plot & success aspects of "Deliverance"! Sadly, however, the obscure "Whiskey Mountain" nearly didn't meet my – admittedly too high – expectations. I don't understand what went wrong, because all the omens indicated that this movie would be right up my alley. I love cheap and trashy drive-in cinema from the seventies, I absolutely love the cool horror protagonist Christopher George ("Pieces", "City of the Living Dead", "Grizzly"…) and I even have a fond but inexplicable weakness for the previous work of the reputedly incompetent director William Grefé. Yes, I confess… I'm a really big fan of "Stanley" and "Impulse" and I also tremendously enjoyed notorious stinkers such as "Mako: the Jaws of Death" and "Sting of Death". Then what exactly is the problem with "Whiskey Mountain"? Well, quite frankly, this film is incredibly boring and approximately half of the running time consists of pointless footage of the four lead characters driving through remote backwoods areas on their motorcycles with guiding evergreen music playing in the background. The foursome, two couples, is heading towards Whiskey Mountain in search of family treasures, but they encounter a bunch of unfriendly and marijuana- addicted rednecks on their paths. Nothing of interest happens during the first full hour of the film and I really had to fight sleep several times (sleep often won) in order to reach the climax. The tone and ambiance of the film aren't nearly as gritty and unsettling as they should be and even the excessive use of banjo music gets pretty dire after a while. Christopher George, cult wench Roberta Collins ("Death Race 2000", "Eaten Alive") and the rest of the cast deliver decent enough performances, but the script simply is too weak. But the main shortcoming definitely was that I was watching a crummy old VHS tape with terrible picture quality and nearly inaudible sound. Perhaps if "Whiskey Mountain" ever finds its way to DVD, complete with restored picture quality and remastered soundtrack, I'll give it another chance.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 7 / 10

A perfect drive-in fodder.

"Whiskey Mountain" is an entertaining "Deliverance" clone about four motorcyclists terrorized by a group of marijuana growing hicks.The old laughing man is a funny character.Sadly deceased John Davis Chandler plays the leader of pot growing farmers."Whiskey Mountain" is a pretty tame exploitation flick with no nudity and some gritty violence.The cast is exceptionally good with 70's exploitation veterans like Roberta Collins and Christopher George of "Pieces" fame.The banjo soundtrack is cool with fantastic main country song Whiskey Mountain.I like horror movies made by sadly underrated William Grefe and I can't wait to see "They Came From the Swamp:The Films Of William Grefe" documentary.Can't wait for possible DVD release of "The Devil's Sisters" too.7 out of 10.

Reviewed by Tromafreak 6 / 10

Suicide Solution: The History of Whiskey Mountain

Being a person who is drawn to films, simply because of how obscure it is, can, from time to time, lead to some interesting discoveries within the world of B-entertainment. Other times, not so much. Enter Whiskey Mountain. Of course it has nothing to do with Moonshine Mountain. Why would it? Whiskey Mountain is more like a semi-ripoff of Deliverance, (allegedly) for the Drive-In crowd, with a positively uncalled for PG rating. A quality which doesn't really hold back this Hixploitation epic as much as one would assume. I guess you could call it a hard PG. However, I must say I expected a tad more from something that came from William Grefe, as I found this obscurity to be slightly underwhelming. Whiskey Mountain is about 2 Bikers, I mean 2 motorcyclists (along with the wives), who end up making some local pot farmers nervous, after they head out to said mountain, lookin' for gold. So, they ain't lookin' for weed, but the farmers don't know that. A very, very long weekend is what follows. The vicious hicks, by no means, intend on letting these people go. Besides an entertaining performance from the legendary William Kerwin, and some quaint scenery, here and there, there ain't a whole lot for Whiskey Mountain to brag about. Perhaps if good ol' Jeffery Allen had been present, there would have been a little more life in this shin-dig. It's just too normal and serious for it's own good. Not Grefe's best, by any means. You may just want to check out Electric Shades Of Grey, and call it a day. Or, if you must discover some 70's Hixploitation that no one cares about, you might be better off with something more like God's Bloody Acre. However, for you vintage/obscure/exploitation completists out there, you could go whole a lot worse than Whiskey Mountain. I say give it a chance. Just be sure to keep your expectations in check. 6/10

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