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Michael Moore as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nikkd 10 / 10

Michael Moore Scores a perfect 10

I always enjoy watching Michael's movies. But I think this my be his best work to date. Don't be fooled by the tittle. This is a thought provoking movie that really opens your eyes to a lot of things and makes you think long and hard about our priorities. In true Michael fashion we get lots of laughs and a lot of smart humor. Everybody should see this movie and judge it for themselves. Don't watch it with any preconceived notions and based on your political view point. Non partisanship is mandatory if you want to get the most from this film. And no matter on your point of view I assure you that you will learn something.

Reviewed by mail-52290 8 / 10

A great message for what can be achieved, if we want to...

Moore, in his classic style, hits hard at the topic in hand; namely American exceptionalism, with a close look at some of the best practices in Europe that are a stark and painful contrast to the USA.

Critics, of which I have read many on this site, correctly claim that some of the countries Moore visits are far from perfect, and they even cite some (often irrelevant) examples.

What they are ignoring, and this is the essence, is that these programs and practices are working well, for the benefit of the public and/or employees; as well as society as a whole! Other ills are simply problems to be addressed.

What this film marvelously does is reveal what we can achieve if we want to, with proof of it working. It's up to us as citizens of our respective countries to decide if our system is better and, if not, how can we make it so - because there are real world examples of great ideas, great people, and great results for all involved.

Moore, as ever, shines a light on a problem and offers the hope that there is a solution. The solution is, as ever, in our collective hands. We love in democracies, do we not? Moore reminds us of this, and hopes to nudge us into seeking the change we want through the ballot box. He always knows it's up to us and our conscience, and that's why his films prick our conscience, if we have one.

Reviewed by PWNYCNY 7 / 10

Commercial movie trying to make a political point.

To take this movie seriously, one has to accept its premise: that other countries, especially European countries, have anything to offer to the United States that's worth learning and adopting. That premise is hard to accept or defend. If anything, the rest of the world relies on the United States to solve problems, not the other way around. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, which occurred four and half decades after Europe ceased being the center of world power, the United States emerged as THE dominant country on the planet. That fact the movie omits. That omission seriously erodes the movie's credibility as a serious social commentary. Instead, Moore seems to revel in his dual role of American tourist/amateur cultural anthropologist. His admiration and interest in other cultures seem superficial and entirely staged, which is not surprising since the movie is not an academic project but rather a commercial product meant for an American audience and meant to promote a political agenda. This movie is another example of a movie maker using entertainment to make a political point. The formula certainly is not a new one. Whether it works in this case is up to the audience to decide.

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