Where Is She?



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emanueljicmon 2 / 10

Not worth it

Don't waste your time, it's dragging the whole thing. There is nothing but the cameraman playing with the camera. Trust me, those who gave 8 to 9 stars to this were either paid or people close to the producer to support him like some of them say it in the comments. Even from the trailer u can see how boring it is. Trust me, find something else to watch, and always check the reviews of those who r honest.

Reviewed by xmxthwm 2 / 10

These other reviewers must have been paid

I love a bad horror movie. I'm okay with low budget and even less than great acting. I can even deal with a plot that isn't straight forward or linear. This movie was just....bad. I didn't turn it off, but I could have in the first half hour and wouldn't have missed anything by doing that. Watch it and decide for yourself, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by VTCameraLife 9 / 10

Thought provoking, Twisted, and Thrilling!

"A Mind Twist", is my best description of what the movie will do to you. The story line will test your imagination and your understanding of life and the after life. The music and sound will give you chills and make your hair stand up. Sit back, relax and hold on for the ride!

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