Where Demons Dwell: The Girl in the Cornfield 2


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.1 10 116

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AdahA87 7 / 10

Solid Low Budget Thriller

"The Girl in the Cornfield" was a short, fun, spooky campfire tale. Very amateur, but ambitious. The sequel branched out to try to be something more and in my opinion, accomplished it.

Tiffany, the brave young girl from the first movie, is back trying to find a way to stop the Woman in White. Meanwhile the entity is haunting a new family, apparently accompanied by multiple demons (or at least multiple manifestations). When Tiffany meets the eldest daughter Addy, she tries to save the family from the Woman in White's evil intentions.

The story is riveting. For a movie that is over two hours it's well paced and managed to keep me interested in every development. You don't know what the hell is going on for most of the film and the eventual payoff is satisfying. The acting was also solid. The actress playing Tiffany especially shines but really they all played their parts well. No one stunk it up or was cheesy. And as for scares, there is a lot of suspense, and a handful of jump scares that got me really good.

If you like microbudget movies and are used to watching them on Netflix and Amazon Prime - this is a good one. If you like your movies made for $100,000 or more, you should probably watch something else.

Reviewed by leahadler 8 / 10

Smartly Written and Suspenseful

"The Girl in the Cornfield 2" is smartly written and suspenseful. It's flawed, in particular the middle act which is a tad lengthy, and a couple of the effects could've been done better - and probably would've if they had more money.

Outside of that the dialogue was much better than what you would expect out of a low budget film. Even Hollywood has some stinkers in that department. And the story, even if long, made sense and was actually pretty cool. I'm not sure how anyone could watch this movie and think it had no redeeming value, whatsoever. I understand not liking a movie personally, but there is plenty to enjoy here. Several well-staged moments that made me forget it was a low budget film, atmospheric music, relatable characters (in particular some kicka$$ female leads), and some good scares. Hats off to the kids in this one, too they stole the show.

Reviewed by BtzLtd 3 / 10

long title, longer movie

This sequel is fully twice as long as part 1, and it plays like someone couldnt quite pull the budget for a trilogy. i can see two stories that are ruined by mashing them together. the camerawork and sound fx are cringeworthy. the direction and performances are better, without doubt, but the obvious editing disaster makes this a 2+ hour slip n slide of unfinished business. its got the modern classic horror open ending, hey, part three might be 4 hours long! not particularly recommended. this kinda thing is an acquired taste, even when its properly finished

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