When Today Ends


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 100%
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Gavin Leatherwood as Nick / Nicole Meyers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CarlyVeal11 10 / 10

brace yourself -- authentic and painfully real

Michael Leoni directs When Today Ends, a painfully real, shocking film that covers a topic that seems to go unnoticed far too often: mental health. What a relevant movie for the time we are in. Mental health is such a pressing and significant topic in this day and age. Leoni and his team presents this issue in a modern way to help keep the attention of younger audiences. However, this movie is intended for all ages and generations and should be a learning experience moving forward. It showcases so many different scenarios that your coworker, friend, neighbor, daughter, son, etc. May be going through. You will walk away with a brand new perspective! Great movie.

Reviewed by jkocarek 10 / 10

Extremely powerful

So many people talk about the issues surrounding youth and mental health, When Today Ends SHOWS you these issues close up and personally. The film is heavy and hard on the heart, but the story is one that needs to be told. The team does a fantastic job at somehow capturing both the emotion and numbness of such a sensitive topic.

Parents and youth alike should see this film to maybe better understand their family, their friends, and the people around them and most importantly, have the chance to really make a difference.

Reviewed by cjgravel87 10 / 10

Finally a movie that shows it the way it is

That shows the effects of bullying and self loathing and what it's like to live in pain and show the true signs of needing help are often hidden. It also shows how many ask for help but get none. This movie is gold and think everyone who lived pain or caused it should watch to either see your not alone and for those who caused pain to show how deeply their words, actions, hate, bullying and violence affect people scaring them forever or leading to suicide. If anyone seems to need help reach out to them and be there for them can make a world of difference... even if you don't know them every act of kindness can make a world of difference.

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