What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole


Documentary / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 2690

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John Ross Bowie as Elliot
Elaine Hendrix as Jennifer
John Astin as Dr. Quantum
Marlee Matlin as Amanda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dj-218 2 / 10

A film of profound dishonesty

This film starts out with a mix of things, animations, a deaf woman going about her life, talking heads talking physics. It all seems like a nice dance around quantum physics principles, addressing some of the messy edges that are either hard to understand or not yet understood.

However at some critical point the film switches to complete a BS description of ice crystal growth influenced by meditators, followed by an equally BS descriptions of electronic random sources being influenced by meditators. This is thoroughly debunked non science and has no place being represented as truth.

The film then descends into a morass of nonsense, attempting to link every facet of pseudoscience BS back to the quantum physical principles discussed earlier. The density of real physicist talking heads drops off and the density of loony fringe talking heads increases.

The remainder of the film is painful to watch. Seeing a crowd of gullible idiots lap it up as truth did not inspire my confidence in humanity. Someone ditz even clapped at the end. The bad stuff consumes the larger part of the film and it feels way too long.

One amusing twist was seeing the scenes in the Bagdad Theatre in Portland, since I was watching it in the Bagdad Theatre in Portland.

This film should come with a health warning. If you want to watch it, see the film up until the ice crystals then leave, unless you're in the Bagdad Theatre in Portland, where you might want to wait until the bit where she goes into said theatre.

Reviewed by brendannewitt 3 / 10

science or sectarian mumbo jumbo? let me decide.

This so-called documentary is based om the teachings of a woman channeling the spirit of an Atlantis-god-warrior called Ramtha, just like the last one. The so-called 'scientists' come from impressing quantum-physics institutions like the swami-Ami-university-of-love-harmony-and-making-it-up-as-you-go-along and the likes, or just Ramtha-sect followers.(the one scientist that was in the last film screamed bloody murder when he saw the finished product and in what way they manipulated his four hours of interview) The funding of the film too is taken care of by the Ramtha sect.

This does not make this a bad film per sé. It is shot wonderfully, and it asks some fun questions, and of course the followers of Ramtha-the god-warrior should be free to voice their opinions in whatever way thay see fit. It would just be more gentlemanly of them to state their religious point of view at the start of the movie, as I have met many people who believe that the film depicts a scientific viewpoint and convince others in their new found enthusiasm that the most interesting characteristic of quantum dynamics is that quantum-particles have a power to grant wishes for all happy suburbanites, if you only believe ! It wasn't boring at all, but it was damn annoying afterwards listening to the goateed morons I watched it with, who felt not only empowered and enlightened, but smug too, now that their always smouldering new-age-Oprah belief in their own uniqueness and soul has a pseudo-scientific base...

Reviewed by celestia63 3 / 10

Feel-good movie for believers

Although it claimed a great deal more than should be accepted by any reasonably thinking person, I quite liked the first BLEEP movie. It was refreshing and offered an interesting view on reality that was presented in an entertaining way.

Alas, I can't say the same is true for the sequel: it further builds on the concepts that were already outlined in #1, which brings us well within the realm where fairy tales and other fantasies dwell.

As such I would have given it another star or two, *but* for the effort that has gone into convincing the viewer that it is actually *we* who are living in a fantasy instead.

The 'proof' for this relies on extrapolations of solid scientific facts far beyond the borders where they can be applied with any degree of dignity, quasi-scientific claims for which no support is presented whatsoever, and self-important statements by expert with impressive but meaningless CV's. This is done in such a chaotic manner that the only entanglement that results will be your own trying to make a coherent picture of it all.

All-in-all this sequel left me feeling only lectured, not entertained.

But if you're already into this kind of stuff I suppose I could recommend it: chances are you will feel pretty good about yourself after-wards.

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