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Wendie Malick as Elise
Megan Hilty as Ruthie
Eric Nelsen as Harvey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mdnjr70 8 / 10

Pleasant and Enjoyable

This movie by no means will win an Oscar, however, it is a sweet story that I found very refreshing. They don't rely on sex or your typical "hot guys" and nudity, as most gay movies do. There are some continuity errors (they are forgivable) and some of the dialog may be a little forced. The story however is the saving grace. I like the message it has and I like that they didn't make any of the characters victims or whinny. You know going in how this movie will end and it doesn't disappoint. I thought the main cast did a very good job Wendie Malick was great to watch and you could see she was having fun with the role. Jon Lindstrom played the part very uptight as it should be. The Character is in his 50s and was a CEO if you expect him to be anything but conservative and uptight then you haven't worked with many CEOs (Tech Company CEO's don't count). Chris Murrah was very good and again it was nice to see a younger gay character that I would consider a more normal slightly above average in looks person. He was something that I think everyone could relate too. If you want to watch a good movie with a nice story and characters that you can relate to then definitely watch this.

Reviewed by oc2519 8 / 10

I enjoyed this film...heartwarming, honest and funny.

I enjoyed this lighthearted and honest romantic comedy. This film has a lot of heart and soul. I found it refreshing that it was filmed in Philadelphia rather than the usual NYC or LA locations. The Rittenhouse square outdoor park scenes took advantage of the peaceful beauty and natural light of nature. It was wonderful to watch the romantic relationship develop between Andy and Paul in the beautiful setting of the park over a period of time in such a normal and natural way. I found the characters of Andy and Paul to be believable and lovable. They have an honest,real and sincere chemistry. This is a story about finding love, happiness and about discovering who you really are and what you really want. This is a gentle film with a gentle message about being true to yourself and how that allows everything else to fall into place perfectly.

Reviewed by ohlabtechguy 7 / 10

Gay themed comedy/drama...

A good cast and good acting is what kept this story afloat, as unlikely as the plot seemed. Most young gay guys would never consider dating a much older man. Here we have an age gap of at least 30 years. So what we end up with is a very contrived romance comedy of sorts. Many gay themed movies have had "out" characters who insist that anyone they intend to date has to be totally comfortable with public displays of over affection. I think it's completely rational to expect discretion in public spaces by refraining from strong statements of affection. As is typical, in this movie, we have the young gay character demanding that his older, romantic partner be willing to publicly display their affection for one another, or else it's a no go. Sounds more like an unreasonable spoiled brat to me. Still....a cute movie with good acting, good production values and worth watching at least once.

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