Web of Desire


Action / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Dina Meyer as Beth Wyatt
James Kirk as Jamie Randall
Terry Chen as Dr. Tim Massey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fidde-2 6 / 10

Pretty good

This movie had just a few votes here on IMDb, and the story sounded interesting so i checked it out.

The movie showed up on a Swedish channel, and in the describe i was told that this movie were about a career-woman who puts all she got on the line just for a internet-affair.

The story is pretty good and we can see good acting from many characters. In the end it felt like the money took an end, it felt so because the awfully bad effects. It also felt that this is just a beginning to a upcoming movie or a TV-show to start.

Overall, its a average movie that is worth to see.

Reviewed by SusieSalmonLikeTheFish 7 / 10

Sometimes the nicest people can turn on you...

Web of Desire is the story of Beth and Jake, who have a loving but rocky relationship since Beth works 70 hours a week as a busy ER nurse in a church-funded hospital. After saving the life of an overweight woman, Beth is practically worshiped by the woman's geeky son Jamie, who affectionately calls Beth "Doc" and tells her that if she ever needs a favor, he'll help her out. Among her colleagues are a first year resident student, Dr. Massey, who really respects Beth after she saves the woman in the ER. Her co-worker Dr, Brian Doyle seems like an incredibly jerky guy but at the end of the movie turns out not to be so bad at all. Her boss is Dr. Friedman, a very nice doctor who offers her a position as the head of the hospital's ER... the problem is, after she accepts Friedman's job offer, she now works 90 hours a week, with hardly any time at all for Jake and her two kids. As she grows more estranged from her family, her only friend she can talk to is in an online chat room, with the username Finn24. Finn24 is the only one Beth can confide in, and when they meet, Beth finds out that Finn Connors is actually a lesbian woman (or claims to be), not a man, to her surprise. Nevertheless the two hit it off, but when Finn drugs her one night, Beth finds herself under Finn's thumb and Finn shows Beth the psychotic side of her personality, so Beth turns to Jamie for the favor he offered her.

Web of Desire is a typical Lifetime movie; I really wished it didn't end so abruptly. It showed Beth and Jake rescuing Finn from a car accident at the end of the movie, but I was wondering how Beth would end up sorting things out at work with Brian, Friedman and Massey. Lifetime movies always end without closing the whole plot, but this one annoyed me that way.

The acting was no issue at all. William B. Davis was outstanding as always, and Vincent Gale and James Kirk were pretty good. Julia Tortolano was a little fake-sounding and not the best actor (she played the role of Beth's daughter). I liked the background music soundtrack to the movie, it wasn't very memorable but it wasn't bad either, and the plot, it was original as far as Lifetime movies go. If I were the script writer though I'd have finished the whole story. Was Finn arrested for her harassment of Beth? Did Beth patch things up with Brian Doyle? How did Beth explain things to her kids? Did she ever thank Jamie for the help he gave her in catching Finn? Was Beth able to get Dr. Friedman's trust back after he caught her in her office watching Finn's sick DVD? There are so many unanswered questions at the end of this movie that it's very frustrating; I'm only giving it 7/10 stars for that.

Reviewed by manitobaman81 7 / 10


The directing, music, editing, etc are not focused on at all. My girlfriends and I were so excited to see this movie, thinking it was going to be a fun movie. But it will either surprise or disappoint you, depending on what your expectations are. You can predict the whole movie and ending very easily In the end, the audience gets a casserole of film elements and little of the satisfaction that comes from watching these types of movies. If you can find it on DVD or Bluray for under $7, buy it, but it won't be worth much more than that to you because it's a bit outdated according to my tastes. So my final rating: 7/10.

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