Weapon of Choice



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by basil-hermann 1 / 10

Anti/pro gun does not matter, it's just bad.

Whether you're anti-gun or pro gun does not matter, this movie is just done badly! The filmmakers have copied their metods directly from Nazi propaganda movies from the past. The film is about as factual as an ISIS recruiting movie.

Reviewed by SteffenN 1 / 10

A moronic attempt at an anti-gun documentary?

I am not particularly pro or anti guns. I do, however, live in Chicago and can assure you that the Glock company is not the problem here. If Glocks did not exist, or just decided to shut down production tomorrow, Smith & Wesson or some other manufacturer would take their place.

This "documentary" attempts to convince you that Glock is an evil company and is responsible for all kinds of horrible things. Once you weed your way through all the nonsense and political tripe you are left with the only thing that might be factual in this abomination; Glock seems like a great product.

They really do a great job selling you a Glock in this thing. I am not in the market for a gun, but if I were, they make some good points for buying Glock. It has a reputation for being reliable under the worst of conditions. Police, military, gun store owners and gun sales people seem to covet this gun. Even the poor people on the South Side of Chicago pay out the extra cash for the Glock. I found myself surfing the Glock website while this was playing on my TV (I was bored). I like the subcompacts personally. Maybe a G26 or G27? Apparently every criminal and every cop in the city of Chicago seems to have one. I guess I need one too?

Long winded, misguided, Glock commercial.

Reviewed by sean_colclough 1 / 10

Not even a documentary

20 minutes in..I cant even finish it! If you want to watch interviews with rappers, and middle eastern men and continuous rap music in the background then this is for you!

This film has nothing to do with GLOCK and sports shooters, military or law enforcement. History of glock etc.

I repeat all this talks about is glock, and how its the the number one used firearm in the "streets".

Hey film maker, and future film makers! Please interview people who know the difference between a clip and a magazine next time!

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