We Love


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks 5 / 10

Good Enough

Maybe with the drama We Love would have been better.

I did like the premises of the story and the begining of it. It was funny and the couple was adorable, although the guy didn't really treat the girl nicely. The later was simply adorable and I really liked her character. However, the love triangle that was added to the plot halfway through, was weak, unfortunately.

The ending, finally, was ... hmm... okay I guess. I'm fifty fifty whether I liked it or not, because it was kind of cliche.

In addition, the performances were nice from all the actors and actresses of the drama. So 5 out of 10.

Reviewed by pankaewnareekarn 8 / 10

I love it

I really enjoy with this movie. The story really adorable but I love this movie because the productive. I love the color and the tone of mood from the picture. The light and clothes is all good. Really appreciate with your hard work.

Reviewed by mister_bateman 4 / 10

Really bad

This is one of those "boy is mean to girl because he secretly likes her" stories, only he really treats her like trash and she has such low self esteem that she remains liking him back and putting up with all the abuse. There are are few cute moments here and there but mostly it's annoying to watch because the guy isn't too likeable and the girl is just so over the top shy, she basically acts like a beaten dog.

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