We Broke Up


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 304


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Peri Gilpin as Adelaide
Aya Cash as Lori
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kelseyamentt 9 / 10

Perfect Blend of Screwball Comedy and 90's Rom-Com

I'm not the biggest fan of rom-coms, but "We Broke Up" is the perfect modern day version of one. A blend of screwball comedy with situational humor, quick-witted dialogue, and quirky characters, and the nostalgia and earnestness of "My Best Friend's Wedding", "We Broke Up" quietly reinvents the genre while being honest and open.

Aya Cash and William Jackson Harper have incredible chemistry, and the ups and downs of their long-term relationship resonate with the audience throughout the film. The framing of their relationship against Lori's (Cash) sister's wedding plays as funny, poignant, and deeply touching. The family dynamics are well-developed and play both for laughs and dramatic turns. While the movie could've easily made either party a villain for their part in the dissolution of their relationship, the writing gives us a perfect ending - one in which, the love for the relationship that once was and the love for understanding one's self and one's partner (ex or not) is the ultimate romance.

Reviewed by texxas-1 1 / 10

Boring soap

2 young people who are dating decide to break up......and act like it's the end of the word. No strings attached whatsoever, no kids, no house, no marriage but been together 10 years apparently which I find unbelievably unrealistic in 2021. Did they get into a seriously relationship at 18 or something? They never met any other people? And apparently its the end of the world and all their friends and family think so too. Okay....

Reviewed by RussHog 1 / 10

Who wants to watch this?

Man this was lame. Two people break up - or something - and hang out? Low budget - badly acted. Hope it filled some digital shelf so everyone who watches this can be just as miserable as I was.

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