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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 3.2 10 857

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Malcolm McDowell as Evan Polus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anamconcepcion 1 / 10

Where is the Laughter?

So a guy who has failed the bar exam twice is working in a call centre who happens on a girl who has just been groped and then is harassed by the police should sound like the beginnings a of a set of chain of events that would have you rolling on the floor with laughter! Well I'm still wondering why this movie was made as it is so bad and I didn't laugh once. The story line feels like many of it's sketches were pulled from other movies of the 80's (Police Academy to name one) but failed to deliver any punches.

Having seen Scott Eastwood in a few other films I had hoped this would be a good addition to his repertoire but alas, it feels like it was a job only for the money. Let's hope he was paid decent for this lack luster attempt at film making.

Reviewed by holcombes-87981 3 / 10


I'm legit wine drunk and I still think this is garbage. And I LIKE bad movies. Save yourself the trouble. Don't watch this.

Reviewed by crazedophelia 1 / 10

I literally joined IMDb just to say how much I hate this film.

I hate this film enough to download the IMDb app just to write this review.

That might not mean much to the average user being that you don't know anything else about me, aside from the fact that I really hate this film, but it's a real attestment to how bad this film is.

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