Vintage Hearts


Action / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hallmarkmov 4 / 10

Play it in the background while doing chores

This movie was pretty bland. Nothing exciting, nothing interesting. Another fashion themed movie, overused soundtrack, throw in a property the main character inherits, random outburst with 20 minutes left of the movie and quickly made up within last 5 minutes. Got bored 10 minutes in and started doing house chores. You can play it in the background and look up occasionally to get the gist. Wished the movie tied more into the title. I guess love's second chance referred to the used clothing business? Other than that I didn't see the connection.

Reviewed by EPMD57 6 / 10

Background viewing

I don't think anyone could just sit and watch this without doing something else at the same time. It's too dull for that kind of focus. Everything is slow -- they had a couple of scenes where they literally baked cookies and cleaned a van. That's just not particularly entertaining, and yet this movie does have a bit of charm.

My main complaint is the childish writing. A lot of "Looks like someone's in LOVE?" types of lines from the side characters and too many linguistic slip-ups from the leads (ex. Asking "Do you like me?" instead of "Do you like these?" as if that's even a possible slip-up.)

But it's Hallmark, you know what you're getting with it, and it delivers on that expectation.

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