2016 [FRENCH]

Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Virginie Efira as Victoria Spick
Melvil Poupaud as Vincent Kossarski
Laure Calamy as Christelle, l'avocate de Victoria
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hakapes 10 / 10

Great performance from Virginie

I just watched Victoria on a pre-release exclusive showing, and I greatly enjoyed it. Virginie has a great talent for comedies, and romantic comedies, and this movie is no exception. However, Victoria a parallel, satiric, deeper layer beside the general comedy stream. However, it keeps it's promise to be a light movie for a weekend night to have fun. I enjoyed the occasional funny moments, too.

After the movie Virgine came on stage for a question and answer session. I learned that the movie has several elements of near-improvisation, as the actors had the liberty to live their roles fully and didn't had to go word by word by scripts, they had freedom to go further with interpretation when they felt to.

All in all, if you like French comedies, and you like Virginie Efira, you will enjoy Victoria a lot.

Reviewed by writers_reign 7 / 10

I Liked It, Sue Me

As an admirer of Virginie Efira she was the sole selling point for me; Poupaud I can take or leave and I didn't really know anyone else. My main disappointment was the fact that Efira was playing somewhat coarser than usual, by which I mean that I am used to seeing her as a beautiful woman with a soft, gentle quality verging on the naive and here she is verging on a control freak with a much harder edge to her appearance. Having said that the film itself has much to recommend it and is probably multi-layered which means it may stand at least one more viewing. Efira is more than up to the task of playing a hard-nosed avocat but seems a little to quick to allow an ex client to move in as her 'assistant' despite no legal training and not only that to let him sleep on her couch. Slightly unrealistic then but well acted by its leading lady.

Reviewed by ericmaf 3 / 10

Little imagination and not a single laugh

This is typical of modern state-subsidised French cinema but at least in many of the others they get and old star like G Depardieu or C Deneuve as the leading character which makes it more entertaining. Virginie Efira is OK as an actress but she is not a comedian.

The script is pathetic, the rest of the acting very basic and the filming amateurish in this wannabe Woody Allen story of a neurotic woman with a run-down sex life in upper-middle class Parisian society.

The cover says it is about a super-heroine in a hilarious comedy. This is blunt lies at the level of Donald' T fake news!!!! What a waste of French tax-payer money.

Give me more of "les intouchables", Bienvenue chez les ch'tis" but do not waste our time with this kind of films.

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