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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joshpong 10 / 10

Really Great Movie

After watching both films of Left Behind, I would conclude that this most recent film was spot on. I really enjoyed the movie and liked the use of a younger casting group. I felt that the film had more of a connection towards the younger viewers, as I am one myself. Although, the film is a bit amateur, it is acceptable for my taste. The sci-fi effects are not the best, but the message of the movie is which is most important. The Christian faith expressed in the movie was really nice. Jesus is calling for his believers. This film is Excellent, and I am content with what I have watched!! Also the movie "I'm Not Ashamed" is really great too, and very inspiring!

Reviewed by brittanylcarter-06292 10 / 10

I really enjoyed this Left Behind Movie and I hope that there's a sequel

This was a wonderful movie from The Left Behind group. I really hope they have a sequel sometime in 2019 as this was released in 2016. It really touched my heart and I really have got attached to the main characters. I want to see where Gabby, Claire,Flynn, and Josh end up now that Nicolae Carpathia is on the scene. Please make a sequel and RIP Tim LaLayne.

Reviewed by titchyblackmore 1 / 10

Seen it all before, and better

I'm not quite sure why this version was made in the first place, there's nothing new no novel "revelations" 4400 and TAKEN are light years ahead in terms of production values, writing and acting (same basic story without pretending there's any truth in it) If you're looking for actual miracles this film makes Left Behind 2000 almost watchable in comparison. I wouldn't want to write off the young actors on a single viewing as the script is truly terrible and I doubt Streep, Oldman or DiNero could have rung anything out of it. Maybe they can put this behind them dust themselves down and start again. I understand that I'm not the target audience for this film and it is in fact thinly veiled propaganda, But that's no reason to make a bad film

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