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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lemon_magic 6 / 10

Earnest, simplistic, unbelievable, but ultimately likable

I can understand why this movie would grate on some audience members and reviewers. You have to work hard at some points to suspend your sense of disbelief, sometimes the art direction and story choices need polish, and the dubbed voice acting definitely brings things down a bit.

What I saw here could easily (with a little of the aforementioned polish) have been on a CW television series - say, "Birds Of Prey", or "Arrow". Every featured actor or actress on screen is young, pretty (including the men), quirky, and snarky. The young heroine is well trained and athletic (although she could have used another 20 lbs of muscle to believably survive some of the punches her character takes). And she can act.

Most of the fight choreography would not have been out of place in a typical Jackie Chan film - clever, frenetic, mildly humorous, featuring lots of backflips and slipped punches - although Valentine doesn't do Chan's characteristic bug-eyed dismay and exasperation. Maybe the producers thought it wouldn't look good on a young woman.

Is it gritty and realistic ? Well, no, but do you really want to see a pretty young girl spitting teeth? I don't.

So really, this is OK-to-good. It just lacks any real sense of gravitas. It's TV level story making released as a movie. OK time waster if you like CW style heroics.

Reviewed by leong_tommy 8 / 10

Did enjoy it though....

Very cutely done but not perfect. Dubbed into English which I think was a plus here. Valentine herself did a great job in her moves. All in all I did find it entertaining. Worth to see if you do not expect anything.

Reviewed by jrrow-56488 8 / 10

Watched on a whim

Really good, I thought it was going to be bad, but to my surprise it was really good watch. I watched the English dubbed version. The character valentine was on point and her martial arts skills were also really good. I love to see movies like this I feel this could pickup where kickass left off and give us more.

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