2009 [SPANISH]


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Reviewed by trancelucence 6 / 10

Thick slice of Mexican life

Well-filmed, atmospheric story of street life in Mexico that seems important, though not much really happens (that is cogent, or neat and tidy, anyway). ***Spoiler Alert*** A teen prostitute and her truck driver customer find a baby boy out in the desert in the mid-60s. Shift to the present, to the lives of three young men beset with various trials, such as drunken or cruel parents, not being able to get the women they want, poverty, and more. Shift back in time some 10 years to their early adolescence and an event connected to the baby boy found in the desert some 40 years before. And finally, back to the present and an ostensible wrap-up.

The point of this tale seems to be that humans are sinful, even evil (and are punished accordingly by God), that nothing good comes from bad beginnings, that misdeeds resonate through people's lives and taint them. Shown is lots of drinking to excess, casual sex (with full-frontal nudity), prostitution, crime, cruelty, etc. I found it absorbing; there were myriad shots of impoverished neighborhoods, street life, and interiors of homes and businesses, all squalid and in disrepair. The acting all round was excellent.

This film held my attention throughout, though not a single positive thing happens. If you're deflated by such story arcs, you might want to skip this. I paid attention to the dynamics of the young men's relationship and the circumstances of their lives and if there were explanations beyond retribution, paying for one's sins, they escaped me. Too subtle for me? I'll be interested to hear others' take on this film. Though the acting was very good, the characters didn't seem to me very well-developed. I didn't understand their motivations in many a scene. There was a vague subplot about ancient Toltec/shamanic spirituality vying with Christianity but it wasn't spelled out. Worth watching? I thought not, but if you like episodic yet dramatic fare, with lots of action, that keeps you guessing as to what's going on without providing definitive answers you may like it.

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