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Joshua Alba as Carlos Aclar
Marisa Petroro as Alita Covas
Corri English as Alison Blanchard
Derrick O'Connor as Dr. Blackwell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ThrownMuse 6 / 10

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things...unless you're using it as a marketing angle!

This is the "8 Films" movie that claims to be the first movie to use a REAL human corpse! Spooky! It's debatable whether that is true, and it's never obvious which one in the movie is a real corpse, so I'm not sure they should have went to the trouble. The "moral" of the story is "don't mess with dead bodies," so this is a rather ironic marketing angle to take. Anywho, "Unrest" takes place in a hospital, where young medical student Alison and her Abercrombie model cohorts are cuttin' up cadavers. Alison lives in the hospital until her financial aid kicks through, and they apparently spend all the time they aren't sleeping (or changing into new scrubs) carving up the same old cadaver. It must be a very resilient corpse! Most of the movie is filmed in the hospital or the confines of Alison's closet-like room. This may just be due to budget restraints, but I thought it created a claustrophobic atmosphere. Considering the lead never leaves the hospital floor and spends half her time with a chopped up corpse and male models pretending to be med students, she has plenty of time to let her mind wander. When random things start happening and she gets a funny feeling in her tummy, she decides that the corpse is trying to tell her something. What, she doesn't know. The evil corpse's alleged antics are amusing, and lead to some nasty killings and bizarre sequences. One of these features our heroes swimming around in a tub of formaldehyde, unaffected by the chemical, even though they're swallowing it and getting it in their eyes. "Unrest" is yet another silly poorly-written movie in the 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR series, but it has its fair share of scares, and is entertaining despite its flaws.

Reviewed by drownnnsoda 6 / 10

Nice Idea, But Needs Improvement.

One of the "8 Films To Die For" that was part of the After Dark Horror Film Festival in November 2006, "Unrest" boasts a unique idea for a story. The film centers around a group of medical students, mainly Allison (Corri English). She groups up with a few guys in her new anatomy class to begin dissection on a cadaver. She is a little grossed out by the entire thing, and begins feeling an uncomfortable presence when around the corpse, which appears to be a woman who was either murdered or killed herself. Of course, nobody thinks anything of Allison's strange feelings around the corpse, and dismiss it as her being a little paranoid, since it is her first time working with a cadaver. But they soon believe her when strange things start happening around the school. And those who came in contact with the cadaver begin to die one by one. But why? The identity of the body may hold the secret, and it's up to Allison to find out.

I went in seeing this film with fairly low expectations, so I wasn't too horribly disappointed with it. I actually thought the movie had a great story, and it was at least a step in the right direction, and different from most of today's horror films. Working with human cadavers has got to be a little eerie anyway, and adding on a supernatural layer to it all is really clever. The only problem here is the story becomes a little wishy-washy as the movie progresses. It started off pretty well and was good for the first thirty minutes or so, but it soon began going downhill, which was a real disappointment considering the potential that it had. The opening shot is really spooky - that woman's strange facial expressions and her staring eyes gave me chills. But the entire history behind her character is where this movie really falls flat. It's disorganized and becomes too muddled. Most of her story is told through character dialog that lasts about five seconds, and some things are more unclear than they should be. I wish they had elaborated on her background more, because it could have been a really creepy story.

Like most of these low-budget indie horror flicks, the cast isn't huge in names, which isn't a bad thing. I didn't recognize the cast members, but I thought the acting was pretty decent. Corri English was the leading lady and she was pretty good - convincing enough in her role. As far as horror clichés go, there weren't too many which was surprising. There are a few silly moments though, especially the entire formaldehyde-tank swimming sequences, which were a little overdone if you ask me. Can you even swim in that stuff anyway? It seems like it would be toxic to your body. I won't pick it to pieces though, you just have to take it for what it is.

Overall, "Unrest" is a decent horror movie that sets out what it aims to do - entertain. The film went downhill a little as it progressed and the story needed some work, but it was a watchable movie with a few nice thrills and an interesting (albeit different) storyline. If you enjoy supernatural-themed horror movies, this wouldn't be a bad rental - you could do much worse. 6/10.

Reviewed by slayrrr666 7 / 10

Decent entry, if not overtly spectacular

"Unrest" is an overall fun, if pretty flawed film.


Arriving for Anatomy Class, students Alison Blanchard, (Corri English) and her team, Brian Cross, (Scot Davis) and Carlos Aclar, (Joshua Alba) are confronted with a mysterious cadaver. As they continue on with the class, her personal beliefs conflict with the rest of the group, and it starts to disturb her. When she begins to feel that something is wrong with the body, it gets to her even more so and she starts to investigate. When the others get wind of what's going on, they try to find out what is going on, along with Dr. Walter Blackwell, (Derrick O'Connor) the head doctor. Finally able to understand the connection between the cadaver and the strange occurrences around the hospital, they are able to help it leave the hospital.

The Good News: This one wasn't all that bad at times. The film's biggest point is that there's a really engaging mystery created with the cadaver. The fact that it's a complete unknown yet comes in several really burning questions which really should've been answered and doesn't. Those are quite good, but all the supernatural events is where the film shines. From all the weird chanting and buzzing noises to all the different objects around them breaking and smashing for no reason to the innate feeling of dread, this one really has a couple of outstanding suspense scenes. Once knowledge of the ancient curse comes in, this one gets even more creepy, and the film really gets going with the creepy feelings. The ending is also a big part of this, as it gets really creepy, as this segment also manages to throw in some really nice gore scenes as well. There's a leg lopped off with a power saw, another has incredibly brutal scratches across the back that leaves really deep scars, a few really great aftermath shots and much more. These are mixed in with the creepy feelings to create a series of really great sequences. These here are augmented by the really disturbing anatomy class scenes where the bodies are cut into. These are graphic, detailed and really do have a disturbing quality to them. These here are what the film works.

The Bad News: This here doesn't have a whole lot of flaws. The biggest one is an issue brought up repeatedly in the film, which is why the students continually choose to live in the hospital knowing what is going on. There's several scenes that give the film a real sense that they don't have much sense. It's understandable when there's little to no information about the curse, but they're still in the building after knowing what had happened, and that's a really hard one to believe. They have an idea of what the curse can do, as it's been after them for awhile at that point, and finally getting any answer would've made it nearly impossible to stay there. It's brought up several times, making it even more ridiculous that it occurs. The only other one is that the film's reliance on mood could prove to be a missed opportunity for those who prefer a much more straight-forward action tale. By continually using creepy noises, it soon becomes blasé after a point, which could be a point against it. That could even be a pace-killing mark, as it could be seen as a series of such scenes and make it feel less interesting. These, though, are all it has against the film.

The Final Verdict: Without a whole lot of really big flaws but still manages to get in a few other points for it. This is really only for those who are interested in the other films or think it sounds interesting, while those who not that interested in it should give it a shot without looking for too much.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Full Nudity

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