Action / Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 477


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Adrienne Barbeau as Kathryn Dolan
Marc Blucas as George Lomack
Brooke Sorenson as Kim Lomack
Allison McAtee as Christina Dolan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by skianotherday 10 / 10

A horrific reality of our current situation

Well thought out design and storyline of big oil/gas greed targeting an impoverished town. This is a reality driven movie peppered with the horrific undertow of the repercussions of circumstance. Captivating from the beginning to Fin. John Lyons has a keen eye for detail and imagination and it is delivered through Unearth. Deffinatley a must see movie. Nicely done Sir.

Reviewed by kaefab 2 / 10

drama between 2 families struggline and 15 minutes of horror at the end

If you can call this horror, no the acting is really not bad, if you want to check out a movie that is more dramatic then horror.

The horror component comes in play around 1h and 15 minutes of the movie, other then that its 2 families struggling to keep there farm, being screwed by an oil company and so on.

So i cannot recommend this movie pass it on its really boring and nothing to offer.

Reviewed by foxymoron713 9 / 10

An achingly accurate metaphor for the consequences of human short-sightedness

A slow burn with beautifully-filmed, nuanced performances that expertly builds up the claustrophobic dread as you watch these families struggle with poverty and hopelessness, culminating in a brutal climax as they face the consequences of one member's desperate and mistaken attempt to remedy their situation. An achingly accurate metaphor for the ways we try to solve our immediate problems and end up creating greater problems for ourselves and our environment.

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