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Burn Gorman as Tim
Tadhg Murphy as Johann
Ned Dennehy as Harry
Kate Dickie as Rachel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 5 / 10


In a future world, a series of stories tells the narrative of a world just about ready to die. Whether its soldiers like K (Johann Myers) and Z (Géza Röhrig) seeking meat to survive or children going missing, this is a world much worse than our own, were that possible. Welcome to the time of Undergods.

This film gets a lot of mileage out of its bleak cityscapes of Serbia and Estonia, the synths of Wojciech Golczewski and a constantly shifting narrative. It doesn't really all add up, but it does point to writer and director Chino Moya being a formidable talent.

The stories that are told - a married couple is split by a neighbor who never wants to leave, a businessman screws over a stranger who ruins his life and a woman's first husband returns to ruin her life even further - could take place at any time. The fact that they take place in a world that may one day be our own has a certain dark charm to it.

Reviewed by djhellsinki-64703 10 / 10

Underrated gem

Just wanted to say that this is a very aesthetically pleasing movie, beautiful even when the subject is ugly, watch the first 10 minutes and be convinced. The acting is great, and the vignettes slowly get you into a parallel world where everything is slightly off while still being relatable. It's an unpolished gem worth watching.

Reviewed by diedaily77 8 / 10

Weirdly actually pretty good!

I once read a John le Carré novel in which, early in the action, a spy, who was gut-shot and bleeding out on someone's carpet, was first and foremost profoundly apologetic about the mess, more than he was concerned with his own demise. Carré painted this as a quintessentially English approach to being in a state of profound distress. I must say: a fair enough stereotype, at least in those awkward cases where the carpet might be antique, and even for the aspirational masses too.

During the first ten minutes of this movie, I wasn't sure if I was watching something good. If you watch you'll see why--although the acting was really great then and throughout. Things were just so uncomfortable, inhibited, and so obviously sure to turn out badly in a predictable way. However, suddenly the movie took various hard, unexpected, and pleasantly intriguing turns. The slow start became, for me, canvas and backdrop to some actual stories. What ensued was actually pretty interesting and unpredictable.

Ultimately, despite the uncomfortably dystopian mess it drops on your proverbial carpet, this film owes you no apologies beyond the naked grotesqueness of it's own dark, forlorn, and pathological message. To me it's quite the interesting, last-minute suicide note of the languishing English soul.

My final verdict: well acted, interestingly plotted, very stark and dystopian, and it even offers a bit of futurist s/f backed up by completely convincing special effects. Absolutely worthy of a watch.

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