Troubled Waters



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Laura Vandervoort as Carolyn
Jennifer Beals as Special Agent Jennifer Beck
Stuart Hughes as Ben Tomlinson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jim Tritten 4 / 10

Psychic detective

A mediocre movie at best. The plot has promise – kidnapping, adultery, and a psychic FBI agent – but something falls apart in the execution of the concept for a film into an actual theatrical event. Must be the screen writing. The story drags at times and it seems like an eternity before the heroes can figure out what the viewer has already determined as obvious. And that is with the aid of a psychic detective – the scenes where she senses what has occurred are interesting but do not result in moving the storyline forward by leaps and bounds. But then the summing up at the end dumps a whole lot of facts on the viewer that seems to come from nowhere. Then too there is the parallel plot of medical problems with the heroine that remains unresolved at the end.

Let's review what is good about the movie. Shauna Black is certainly nice to look at but one can only wish that Laura Vandervoort would have had a larger part. The "ending" that opens the movie is revealed to be an incomplete truth about three quarters the way through and the real ending could have been a real show stopper. Jennifer Beals does yeoman's work with the material she has been handed – she deserves better. Finally the movie yields the best-dressed software company secretary in many years.

Not much to recommend here.

Reviewed by sheymabuali 4 / 10

a bit thrilling, but terrible acting

A little girl was taken from her room. The kidnapping has revealed a few other secrets about this model family. The mother's elicit affair, some mysteriously missing characters from their past, and a family friend who seems too close for comfort. I found this movie very poorly acted; this was accentuated by the poor dialog. The film also had quite a few scattered subplots and characters. Special Agent Beck, who was leading the FBI in solving the case was involved in an accident that gave her second sight. This 'ability' did not add anything to the plot - it would've made it more exciting if they had actually figured things out naturally, as Agents do. To me, it was just a weak way of solving a mystery. There also were some character who didn't add anything to the direction of the movie. They weren't antagonist, nor did they really help any of the situations. Despite all this, I had to watch the film till the end. Perhaps Im just a sucker for cheap thrillers, but in either case, it was an easy and forgettable guilty pleasure.

Reviewed by Topaz1922 8 / 10

Great twists and even greater ending!

I started to not watch this movie based on the reviews but decided to give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised. Although the movie starts slow in the beginning it increasingly peaks your interest once the actually investigation begins. It has all the basic twists and turns as seen in thrillers and suspense movies. At first, it looks like a lower budgeted movie but once the dynamics of the characters come out, the movie is quite interested and keeps you on the edge of your seat playing detective yourself, and coming up with scenarios.

At first you wonder what the truth is behind the headaches of Jennifer Beals' character, then you are pleasantly surprised that she is not crazy but reluctantly to put her truth out there possible due to being judged and mocked. It's obvious throughout the movie, that although she is not well liked by her peers and is obviously and outcast, she does yield results in her cases (due to having an upper-hand). Awesome ending!!

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