Tom Clancy's Without Remorse


Action / Adventure / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 1253

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Jamie Bell as Robert Ritter
Jodie Turner-Smith as Karen Greer
Cam Gigandet as Keith Webb
Luke Mitchell as Rowdy King
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kcp1062 2 / 10

Huge disappointment

I don't even know why Tom Clancy and his estate sold the rights to his books. The only movie that did justice to his books is Hunt for Red October. Other than that the movies have just got worse and worse. Especially this movie, other than the main character John Clark being a Navy Seal there is nothing in this movie that comes even close to the book. Seriously, this movie isn't worth the time.

Reviewed by pelican_somber 3 / 10


Why adopt the title of the book but not adapt the book? The book's setting and relationship building prior to the love interest's death is what made the book memorable. Why take the audience out of the story by turning it into a PC fantasy with a beanpole woman SEAL commander? The performances were completely wooden, with the worst offender being the commander. The setup is absolutely boring and predictable... and that's as far as I watched. Why do this at all if you're not going to do it right?

Reviewed by lrm-33361 2 / 10

Disappointed... Not a Tom Clancy story.

I loved Tom Clancy books and movies growing up and I always wanted them to make Without Remorse into a movie since the book was so good. I was thoroughly disappointed. The only commonality are some of the characters and the title. They could have just changed the character names and the title and not claim this to be a Tom Clancy film. Either stick with the plot of the books and do them justice or don't claim to do a Tom Clancy film. The plot they did use instead was stale and not what I would expect for a major release. It was more in the direct to DVD league.

It also seems like they did not have very good technical advisors... or geographers. The opening scene takes place in a landlocked city and yet Kelly and his team infiltrate via water. The uniforms are also very inconsistent... Greer is wearing a commanders cap in at least one place which is different than what her rank would be. Since the writers took so much liberty with realism, they just wrote her in as a SEAL instead of a more plausible role like being some sort of subject matter expert attached to Kelly's team. I'm not one to dismiss the idea that there are women out there capable of becoming Navy SEALs, but I would expect the to be built like a crossfit games winner instead of the stereotypical model. I know this comes off as nitpicking, but the filmmakers should know their audience. Tom Clancy's books and previous films were always very detailed and realistic and this film was far from that.

The one positive part of the film was Michael B. Jordan's performance and the only reason I gave this any stars. I was excited to see him in the role when it was announced. He did well with what he had to work with. It is a real shame. Had they stuck to the plot of the book and took the details seriously, I would be excited for Rainbow Six. Now I just hope they forget they planned on doing it.

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