To Tulsa and Back: On Tour with J.J. Cale

2005 [GERMAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rockyfrisco 10 / 10

Awesome Documentary

I'm somewhat prejudiced, since I'm in the film, as the piano player with the Cale Band, but even allowing for that, I still think it's magnificent. If they allowed me to vote even higher than ten, I would. JJ Cale has been an enigma to most of his fans, a mystery, for years. This documentary changes that. The crew from Kick Films really captured the real JJ Cale, not an easy task. I have been playing with Cale off and on since 1957 and the JJ Cale I know is the one you'll see in this film. The DVD has now been released in the USA, on 13 June, 2006 and has been available as a region two DVD in England, Germany and Australia since late 2005. This Documentary is not to be missed!

Reviewed by dirtyharry67 10 / 10

captures the man perfectly

i got the DVD as a xmas gift from a good friend and man what a gift it is! i always liked his music very much but i knew virtually nothing about the person john cale. this film captures him perfectly. it is slow paced, unobtrusive and just lets the man and his friends speak. and what a sweet man he is. he is a very mature human being, humble, straight, has clear opinions and seems to be a very loving person. very simple and down-to-earth. watching this documentary was a 2-hour celebration. and i'd think not just for die-hard fans of j.j. cale, because it shows - as i said already - a very simple, smart, humble and loving human being. it makes you believe in the human spirit again. great camera work, editing and sound. a REALLY good documentary. 10 out of 10.

Reviewed by nihilus 9 / 10

A must have for people who like JJ Cale or Clapton style of music

When I went to the store and saw this DVD I knew it wouldn't leave my hands anymore. And I must say it's really a great DVD. It's not a rental DVD over here so people will only have the chance to buy it. It's a docu of a great man with LOTS of music. It's a DVD all big stars should have because the man stays with both feet firmly on the ground. It also shows what a great guitar player and performer the man is, so beginning artist or even advanced ones should take a look at this DVD too. The feeling I had after seeing this DVD was that the MAN himself is the style, his music is not a style but a lifestyle. I thought he was great, but he's far greater than I thought. A great opportunity for people like me out of Belgium who will never see the man live to see a man in action where all those other great ones got the juice from. It's worth every penny(Euro) I paid for it.

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