To aru hikuushi e no tsuioku


Action / Adventure / Animation / Drama / Family / Romance / War


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christa-pelc 9 / 10

Story & Scenery

Both the story and the scenery/artistry are wonderful in this animation. Strong & sensitive characters.

Reviewed by daddygotblues 10 / 10

a socially rejected boy pilot takes a high paying risky job to escort the beautiful princess across the hostile ocean

OK it's not a movie you will watch with guy friends, it's very soothing without the ace pilot kick ass package.

it's a 2 hour escape into a childhood dream, there's the princess, and the sky for you.

if you grab a pina colada or ice tea open the window with cool breeze in the afternoon you'll be in the mood for this little gem

i'm totally into top gun etc but this movie while being the exact opposite, do bring me back in time where dreams are beautiful and nothing else matters, you'll enjoy the graphics and a little bit of pure innocent romance

if you must be a tough guy 100% of the time don't watch it, if you do have a soft romantic side and appreciate a little escape this is for you

Reviewed by Irishchatter 8 / 10

Pretty well done anime

I thought this anime was so well done because of the plane designs and their realistic movements like flying up in the air, doing badass ways lol. I have to include the enemy ships as well, they were pretty awesome to look at, especially their steampunk designs. They kinda reminds me of the anime films "Steamboy" and "Castle in the Sky" where they involved a lot of steampunk designs when it comes to ships or robots (although no robots were in this anime).

However, it did have a disappointing ending that the princess and the Pilot didn't get together in the end. Literally like you can clearly see they were in love with each other. It didn't make sense that she could marry that pretty boy Prince Carlos and not be in love with him. As well, I always thought that Charles deserved a high status lifestyle since he was treated really poorly because of his background. He honestly did deserve to be king and marry the princess. I mean he can still be a pilot regardless lol!

Anyhow despite the ending I wish would happen, overall the anime was well done!

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