Titanic II


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Thriller

IMDb Rating 1.6 10 10792

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Brooke Burns as Kim Patterson
Bruce Davison as James Maine
Amin Joseph as Lilac
D.C. Douglas as Captain Howard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rp-817-826993 1 / 10

What a ridiculous excuse for a film

This was the worst piece of television I have ever seen. Shane Van Dyke was having a laugh when he made this. The effects were a total joke, looked like a PC game from about 10 years ago. The story was madness (an 800mph tsunami forces an iceberg into the path of the titanic). James Cameron must have been laughing his head off. Acting was awful, can't believe any actors would star in this film even for money. If you have 2 hours of your life you don't want to get back, you should watch this film. Almost so bad it's actually good. I hope they don't consider a titanic 3 because that would really be a disgrace to the film industry.

Reviewed by twatchy 1 / 10

How NOT to make a movie

It's laugh-out-loud BAD. The script, acting, plot are all woeful and my 12yr old could have done a more convincing job with the CGI. Most of it is filmed on the real Queen Mary which is now a hotel in Long Beach, Ca or in a concrete bunker, sorry, "engine room". They hired about 20 extras from the local homeless shelter by the look of them who wander around aimlessly or fall over their own feet during "action" sequences. There is some preachy stuff about global warming backed up by bogus "science" and a 800mph tsunami (that's faster than the speed of sound folks!). I hope this movie was released as a joke but fear it wasn't. But seriously, if you haven't seen it yet then please do so because it's hilarious and you'll have lots of fun spotting the glaring errors, continuity bloopers, wooden acting and super-low budget production. It's so bad it's good.

Reviewed by robert-dacey 1 / 10

The Horror

Not only a waste of a hour and a half of my evening but quite possibly of my entire life! It was so painful I do not believe I could begin to adequately describe the trauma I now feel - I genuinely write this as a warning to my fellow human beings who value their sanity. Never in my life have I seen work (of any form) of such poor quality. Having only just finished viewing this film I feel the need for a shower and referral to a good psychiatrist. I've been more entertained watching paint dry - and a tin of paint could produce/direct a better cinematic experience. Simple put, if 0 out of 10 was I option I'd have awarded that instead - I want my 1.5 hours back!! THE HORROR, THE HORROR!!

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