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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wtucker-36856 3 / 10

Slow and slower

This is meant to be a Christian movie about faith and discovering what is important. The three pronged storyline is used to some good benefit but literally nothing happens to anyone or anything until the very end. Dialogue is unrealistic but somewhat engaging with unlikely characters carefully not cursing. This feels like it wants to be an interesting movie but fails utterly to make its point or succeed in capturing attention. 3 stars (grudgingly).

Reviewed by mark-537-646746 8 / 10

Well written

From the ecclesiastical transient to the symbolic four seasons, there is a genius to Timbertown. Though I think parts of the film will be a little slow for some people I think the film is well done. I loved what they were trying to do with the four seasons part, but it was too long. It would have been more effective if it was shorter.

The characters are eccentric but not overdone. I especially liked the contrast between the transient and DNR officer Pearson. Cory Kays was excellent and could have had more screen time. All and all a solid indie film that might not be for everyone, but those who get it will get it.

Reviewed by terri-133 2 / 10

Are you kidding with this?

I don't usually write reviews, but I had to make an exception for this piece of crap. It looked really promising in the beginning; I like movies about the outdoors, nature, farming, wilderness exploration, etc.,and the photography was good. But it turned out to be an evangelical Christian movie that looked like it was produced by an undergraduate film school class.

The classical (public domain) music was a testament to how low budget it was. And I laughed out loud at the scene where a non-drinking woman downs a whole bottle of vodka, and is perfectly fine then next day (clinically, she would be be dead, or close to it).

And she is only Black person in town, of course.

In the end, everybody finds Jesus. WTF????

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