Three Pints and a Rabbi


Action / Fantasy / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 2 / 10

many unfit screenplays ...

And stories come from the undead nowadays while something sinister called corona reigns and roams the entertainment industry, and this little english ghastly ghostificial horror pamphlet that is far more suitable for a humble theater stage, and surtainly not in the hands of newbie film producers and directors, is just a mess made over the teetbits of a grown up , pretty hairy, quite naked lady, lying on the grand table at the womans head pub somewhere berkshire englan. If i hadnt been told that i wouldve said it came straight outta geordie county where it rains so much , you cant wait for a touch of sun and sand, and definately not the kind of gourmet cousine as at this pubs menu.

Its total british, humour that is, rather daft and cheesy childish kinda horror, and a witty musical score dilttande itte, and 3 actors that do seem to have a hard time to...have fun at work?? Its basicly a full born film not feature lenght , thank god, and from the grumpy old man lingers just a weak 2 pence for the story, and no recommend at all. Its full of nudity, no sex though, and no animals where harmed or fried chicken eaten while making this charade'.

Reviewed by sahlgoode 6 / 10

Felt like a television pilot

For what it was, it did entertain me with the over the top acting. I don't think it would have worked otherwise. Kudos to the whole ensemble for keeping up the pace. If I had to pay theater prices to see this I wouldn't have given it so much love. As a web release though, I was thoroughly entertained in our living room giving it a watch.

At just a smidge over an hour long it really didn't feel like a feature film. It came across like a pilot project for a sitcom series. Cheers meets Cannibal Holocaust with a pinch of Psycho thrown in for good measure.

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