This Town


Action / Comedy

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Olivia Tennet as Jazmin
Peter Hambleton as George
Jonny Brugh as Farmer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by broni-48527 5 / 10

Change the narrative

Firstly, I never write reviews. But I'm bored of the same old thing. This is like every other kiwi movie ever. It's been done. Small town. Farms. Kiwi pub (bought to you by Tui). Few laughs, just cringy and embarrassed to think this is how people think we live in NZ. Change the narrative - I know we're a young country but can't we find something new to talk about. Does it always have to portray us as hick country folk. I don't associate with that and doubt many Nzers will as well. The funniest moment was right at the end when wife corrected husband saying pear is not a stone fruit. You get the picture....

Reviewed by leotbrown 7 / 10

Mostly good

Not sure I like the third person talk to camera style. The general vibe and visual style is true to type . I was born in the town this movie was filmed but I lived in another town. And the actual shots I don't recognise but the visual palate the cinematographer uses is instantly recognisable . It does seem in some ways similar to the movie Fargo but cleary references the "Bain case" Fargo had tension from clear and present danger this movie did not, and some of the performances for me lacked a sense of discovery but I wonder if that is my familiarity with the setting. Stylistically there is some time travelling going on between 1980 and 2020 for me that was ok I liked the closure of the movie narratively

Reviewed by olisa-26811 10 / 10

An instant Kiwi classic

I loved this movie!! Great kiwi humour and a surprising twist at the end. I'm from a small town so I loved the characters and all the funny signs in the background.

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