There's a Girl in My Soup


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 2357


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Goldie Hawn as Marion
Peter Sellers as Robert Danvers
Diana Dors as His Wife
Nicky Henson as Jimmy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ShadeGrenade 9 / 10

"By God, but you're lovely!"

I'm very fond of this film. For one thing, I'm in the same profession as 'Robert Danvers' ( the Peter Sellers character ), only I do not have a television show! It is also very funny, bounces along with nice Mike D'abo pop songs, and Goldie Hawn gets to show off her bum! But I digress. This 1970 Roy Boulting-directed comedy was based on the stage play by Terence Frisby and gave Sellers his biggest hit in years, also launching the lovely Goldie on a career that ultimately spanned three decades. 'Danvers' is a handsome television chef adored by millions, especially women ( in the first twenty minutes he beds both Nicola Pagett and Gabrielle Drake - though not at the same time! ) ), a cross between Robert Carrier and Warren Beatty, the sort of man whose after shave enters a room twenty minutes before he does. En route to a party, he meets 'Marion' ( Hawn ), a kooky ( film critic Barry Norman once claimed Hawn reminded him of a 'very sexy budgerigar'. I'm sure he meant it in the nicest possible way ) young American on the rebound from a failed relationship with scruffy pop group drummer Jimmy ( Nicky Henson ). Danvers takes Marion to his flat, a virtual seduction parlour fitted out with the latest kinky gadgets. But she has heard his chat-up lines before and proceeds to take the wind out of his sails. Danvers retreats to bed, all thoughts of sex forgotten. Over time their relationship blossoms. Despite the differences in their ages, they click. But fate rears its ugly head to break the happy couple apart...

Whilst nowhere near as funny as say, Neil Simon's 'The Odd Couple', this is nevertheless enjoyably rude fun ( even if the wine tasting scene is remarkably similar to the one in 'Carry On Regardless' ). Sellers apparently based 'Danvers' on the late Lord Patrick Lichfield, photographer and ladies man. He brings a regal dignity to the character, while Hawn is a more than fine foil for him. The supporting cast includes Tony Britton, Diana Dors, John Comer, and Francoise Pascal ( of 'Mind Your Language' ).

I note that some have taken offence at the spectacle of a young woman cavorting with a middle-aged man. It might surprise these same people to know that us older guys still enjoy sex as much as we did when we were in our teens. The only difference is that these days it takes us longer. But we manage.

What lets the movie down a bit is the unbelievable ending. Despite his wealth, Danvers is dumped by Marion for Jimmy. "He needs me, you don't!", is her reasoning. He also needs a good bath and a dose of penicillin, you foolish girl. Still, they say love is blind.

This 'Soup' manages to be nice and tasty ( and gave 'The Incredible Hulk' his first big-screen appearance! He's on a poster in Jimmy's flat, in case you're wondering ). Shame that Sellers and Hawn did not work together again.

Reviewed by joe88 9 / 10


Not sure why it doesn't play in Peoria, apparently, but this is a very funny, clever British comedy. It's set at the end of the "swinging sixties". Peter Sellars is fantastic as the rich, forty-something serial womaniser. The perfectly delectable Goldie Hawn, playing a 19 year American girl in London, is, initially, Sellars' "catch of the day". But the urbane TV food critic can't stop himself from falling for the dizzy American blond.

Humour, pathos, great script, strong performances from the leads and supporting caste.

It's a great film, and the best gag is the very last line.

Try it, you'll like it.

Reviewed by hokeybutt 6 / 10

Gratuitous Nude Scene For Goldie... This Must Be The '70s!

THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP (3 outta 5 stars) This movie has always had a bad reputation and I could never figure out why. Sure, Peter Sellers has been in much better movies than this... but he's been in lots worse, too. He plays the smarmy, self-absorbed star of a TV gourmet show who enjoys the swinging bachelor life, even as he hits his mid-40s. He meets up with Goldie Hawn, a hip, sexually-liberated young gal of less-than-20 and the sparks, as they say, fly. There are some really funny lines but a lot of missed comedic opportunities as well. To this day I still wonder why there is no big payoff to the wine-tasting scene... after all the time spent trying to teach Goldie that one is supposed to "spit" and not "swallow" I wonder why she doesn't wind up spitting up during a fancy dinner scene. This may not be one of Sellers' best but Goldie Hawn does a fine job... breaking free of the one-dimensional blonde ditz character that she was known for at the time. (She even gets a totally gratuitous nude scene... wow, this must be the '70s!)

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