There Is a New World Somewhere


Adventure / Drama / Romance

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Mishel Prada as Angela
Agnes Bruckner as Sylvia
Maurice Compte as Esteban
Ashley Bell as Sam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vardabarkar 8 / 10

"There Is A New World Somewhere" tells the story of two strangers who have arrived at a crossroads in their lives.

"There Is A New World Somewhere" tells the story of two strangers who have arrived at a crossroads in their lives. Their desperate need to lose themselves in each other drew me in and before I know it, I was right there with them, traveling alongside them on a spontaneous road trip of desire.

This is a lyrical film that unfolds with beauty, eroticism and an authentic immersion into the human condition. No hype here. This is a sincere inquiry into two people's desperate desire to escape into each other only to discover that... Well, I won't tell you. But what I will say is that you'll be treated to performances that are spot on, music that is hypnotic, stunning cinematography and a lovely story that you'll be able to relate to.

This is road trip you don't want to miss.

Reviewed by marinaviscun 9 / 10

Film about deep connections and strong but lost characters

This film drew me in because it connected with me - the deep dive into the characters, the pace of the film that allowed me to fall in love with both heroes, and the visual story that reflects the inner world of the characters and the director.

The viewer more or less knows where the story goes, but the trip getting there is why we care about the characters. There is nothing flashy here; and that's what is great about the film - the ordinary life, the ordinary decisions that the characters make - it is all so similar and so different from other films.

The feature is shot beautifully, the music is the connecting link between the worlds of the viewer and that portrayed in the film, and the lives of characters on screen are realistic and real.

I highly recommend this film - indie to the core, in the best sense of indie.

Reviewed by nvelis 10 / 10


Li Lu's beautiful independent film boldly explores a young woman's reckless reaction to the panic of her late twenties. The struggle is real and Lu skillfully, and without judgement, shows how the desperate need to achieve some level of relationship and career success can force you to make decisions you wouldn't otherwise consider. This is not your typical independent film. The characters and motivations depicted are honest and the relationships are filled with the manic highs and lows of new love. Lu has the courage to deftly use quiet moments that allow the audience to focus on the story, stunning imagery and beautifully composed music.

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