The Witness


Crime / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by denimjuls 4 / 10

My Brain Hurts (Spoilers alert!)

I don't understand why this movie gets 6.8 rating!

Decent acting? Sure.

Production? Pretty good.

Story line? Horrible.

Maybe if they classified it as a comedy, I would understand.

Don't you hate it when filmmakers think their audiences are stupid?! This is one of those movies where the main girl runs around for her life but the baddie walks calmly and somehow catches up with her.

It's one those movies, where SWAT team used to go to the bad guy's empty apartment but when they found out where he is, only one cop goes with a blind girl and a teenager! My brain hurts!! Hurts really bad!

Reviewed by picobenguet 7 / 10

Good Thriller

Excellent in most parts, gripping story, but ending stretches too far in believability. On the other hand, this ending was true to usual thrillers, you know, where protagonists start to do dumb stuff ...

Reviewed by ninobrown-2 5 / 10

A remake of the Korean film (2011)

A remake of the Korean film (2011), though I prefer the Korean version.

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