The Way You Look Tonight


Action / Fantasy / Romance

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Lori Alan as Mom / Marguerite
Shane Coffey as Jackson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whatithinkis 4 / 10

I agree with all the positive reviews

The characters are all likeable . . . loveable even. The acting is good. The concept original.

The problem is that, while it's watchable and it IS absorbing, it isn/t either of those things to a great enough extent to rate the numbers of stars I'm seeing here.

I watched and enjoyed the whole thing, sort of. But had to fast forward several times 'cause it just wasn't quite absorbing enough.

It IS heartwarming . . . it's just, I guess, not quite well enough written to draw you all the way in.

Very loving, though. It has a good heart.

Reviewed by AnxiousArtist 9 / 10

Rom Com that isn't what you'd typically expect

This film has a bit of a slow-burn start - there's a meet-cute at the top and everything is going well for our lead, but then the girl he was connecting so well with disappears the next day. What follows is a bit unconventional - there's a bit of a mystery element as Peter goes on a new dating site and keeps finding women who are acting strangely towards him and wearing very similar clothing - and there's hinting of a connection to that first girl, but the "twist" comes in about a third into the movie. It's hard to talk about what makes this movie cool without ruining the surprise - but I think the slow burn mystery, while a little cumbersome at times, is worth sticking out. I'll just say there is a bit of a fantasy component that comes in, which is used in some interesting ways to talk about issues of identity and gender and a lot of other things. Overall, I think this is a smartly executed film that demands more from you that the typical rom com.

Reviewed by frank78-19-464923 9 / 10

Great movie!

It is really hard to find new ideas for movie authors and especially to bring the ideas to life. This movie made it happen. Sweet and funny way to make us think about relationships and that our beauty is on the inside.

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