The War Below


Drama / History / War

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 241

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Sam Hazeldine as William Hackett
Tom Goodman-Hill as Hellfire Jack
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by doorsscorpywag 1 / 10

Yeah right!

A British officer proposes that 5 ordinary blokes from a pit village dig a tunnel under a machine gun nest which was bit of a bother and blow it up. Those General chappies are not convinced and try to scupper those salt of the Earth but slovenly Yorkshiremen or wherever they are from. But they succeed and their reward is to dig a bigger tunnel under the German lines at Messines which would wipe out 10,000 Germans.

But after a battle with German counter miners and bombs flying everywhere they again succeed and those General chappies take the credit.

If only the British Army had a dedicated arm used to large scale civil works and tunnelling. A Royal Engineers so to speak. But no there was nobody for the job but these 5 ordinary blokes.

The Germans were way behind us as they had a group of Munich drapers and a bakers assistant led by a florist from a small town in Saxony to head their tunnelling effort.

An absolute insult to the real brave men on both sides who fought and died underground.

The acting was not great but the script was hopeless. The lead miner kept sending military secrets back to his wife including how he was going to set off the largest explosion known to man under the Germans. The censors seemed to miss stuff like that.

The tunnel scenes were not up to much either as the same 5 people kept getting into bother and scrapes it was hard to imagine they were still able to dig.

Watch Beneath Hill 60 if you want to get an inkling as to what it was like.

This was utter nonsense.

Reviewed by Hammer-Rocks 6 / 10

Inspired by true events

This is the first movie I've seen that was focusing on this topic - digging a tunnel to the German trenches. Up to this point, I've only ever read about the sorts of daring actions these coal miners did in the trenches in WWI.

The production value was high. It really did manage to convey what life was like for the diggers in these trenches. But even so, I'm sure it was no where near representing how it was really like in real life. But it was done well in this movie. It's realism clearly exceeding the realism of any recent war movies - particularly when compared to movies like "Dunkirk" by Chris Nolan.

Other pluses from this movie... the acting was superb, the drama and atmosphere created with all the special effects and set designs, simply brilliant.

SUMMARY: Inspired by true events with the war serving as the backdrop The main story is the courage, sacrifices and contribution the coal miners did in WWI.

VERDICT: Recommended viewing - specially if you're a history/war buff.

Reviewed by oakleymatthew 10 / 10

Gritty and well performed

Literally the only reason I am reviewing this is so that I can vote '10' to counteract the idiot who gave it 1 star.

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