The Vow


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 31%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 186174


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Sam Neill as Bill Thornton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bruce722 5 / 10

Mediocre chick-flick.

This movie was essentially like a mediocre version of a Nicholas Sparks book-to-film movie. The acting was great but the execution just wasn't there. Rachel McAdams' character seemed pretty stupid and, given that it's a true story, it just makes it seem even more dumb. There have got to be 1000 such stories with "smarter" people involved or better endings. The fact that this movie was based on one with a moronic character and a mediocre ending shows just how masochist viewers are. The movie is slow, not emotional enough given the subject matter, and just in general not all that good. The only emotional part of the movie was the scene with Paige (McAdams' character) interacting with her mom near the end of the movie. For a film about a girl who loses her memory and therefore the memory of the love of her life, this movie was pretty blah. The movie wasn't terrible but it definitely doesn't reach the elite chick-flick level.

Reviewed by huongvu89 8 / 10

Made me cry

I'm so not into this type of movie normally . The only genre I watch is comedy but stumbled across it from cleaning my house ( must have given it as a gift ) and what can I say ? It's amazing

Every turn of movie is just real , the interaction and everything ! Felt like the actual scene was right in front of me and I immersed into these beautiful moments with them :)

Yes and I cried on and off the entire movie , don't mind me !

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 5 / 10

A great idea which didn't end up as good as it could

A married couple suffer a horrible car accident from which she ends up with a serious case of amnesia, not being able to remember anything from the past few years. Unfortunately, that is exactly the period in which they married and she alienated herself from her family. Thus, he is forced to win her heart once again before her family (which have a huge advantage in her loss memory) is able to get rid of him. She will prove to be very stubborn and hard to convince but he is determined to do whatever he can to win back what he once had.

Although it is a very good idea which should be able to bring a lot of drama, love and tension, it actually shows how not to make a movie of its type. It is filled with plot holes, awkward events and head scratching decisions. Her character is determined to avoid every bit of logic and act strictly linear, regardless of his honest efforts of convincing her of the truth. If you manage to forget about the fact that the main intrigue of the film is caused by a ridiculous and highly implausible accident, you'll soon find out that the movie has a tendency of basing its main events on basic coincidences, thus resulting in huge alterations of the plot. To make matters even worse, its finale is inconclusive, to say the least, which is simply unacceptable in such a movie.

It has a good idea and a couple of very good actors which have played similar roles with success in their career so there isn't much excuse for what this movie turned out to be. I wasn't expecting a masterpiece but this is far less than the good movie it should have been.

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