The Volunteers


Action / Documentary / War

IMDb Rating 8.2 10 64

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrsmarisolriddell 10 / 10

Extraordinary and personal view into the war in Syria

I find myself, having just finished watching this film, feeling blessed beyond measure. I live my life, in comfort and ease. So few worries. SO do these volunteer medics, until they leave of their own accord and volunteer in the midst of war, with no benefits, no pay, nothing. Just a set of memories that will both haunt and comfort them. Memories of those who could not be saved, and those who were.

The storyteller brought us in through his eyes and shared the story without blinders, but with the blinding truth. I will be forever changed by what I saw.

Reviewed by lolacsd 10 / 10

Breathtaking, agonizing, infuriating, heartbreaking

I'm not sure I have words to express the plethora of emotions I experienced while watching this harrowing documentary. It makes all those GoPro videos of sky divers and wave riders seem utterly ridiculous. Think of all the found footage/point of view movies you've seen. At first, your brain won't let you believe this is real life. Eventually, you come to realize it is real, and the horror of war is upon you, in your face and in your brain. This is happening OUT THERE right now, as you sit in front of your computer screen or on your phone, there are people fighting, and dying, and we are getting a front row seat to the insanity.

I am not sure how I feel about River Rainbow. Is he a hero for developing this project, for the work he did, for the lives he saved? Or is he a jerk for leaving his family, his long suffering wife, and his babies, forcing them to fend for themselves while he chased his dream? I figure he's a little of both. In the end, this documentary is jaw dropping and awe inspiring. It's a must-see. A must-talk-about- afterwards. A piece of work that makes you realize how shameful complaining about the traffic is or how cool it is to have the new $1000 iPhone. Watch this documentary, and let it sink into your bones. The feeling won't soon go away, and truthfully, it shouldn't.

Well done, sir. Well done.

Reviewed by shoe-31764 10 / 10

These men are heroes

I was able to learn so much from this documentary. The footage is very real and raw. It really tugs your heart strings watching what these people have to go through. I have a whole new respect for all of these people. It just goes to show that there are angels among us.

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