The Vanishing Lion

2003 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 6.5 10 383

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Agnès Varda as La lectrice du parc / la récitante
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

Not peak Varda

"Le lion volatil" is a French french-language short film from 2003 written and directed by recent dirst-time Oscar nominee Agnès Varda, who died not too long ago as well unfortunately. She has made many short films in her long career spanning many decades, frequently documentaries, but also fictional films like this one here. You can see her soft spot for documentaries very early on though as this one runs starts off like one and easily could have stayed that way with focus on the lion in the title. Okay, not too much to say about the cast. The lead actress is played by Gerard Depardieu's daughter and she was tolerable, not too great, but still better than her male counterpart. I would say the acting here is quality-wise on a level with everything else. Not too shabby, but also not bad. The story is so-so. It reminded me a bit of a modern version of the old black-and-white short films by Godard and Truffaut, with older actors. But really just a poor man's version as I personally felt it was lacking considerably in charm. Also it felt a bit too unrealistic personally, especially the first meeting in front of the sandwich stand and this was a negative deal breaker. Otherwise I quite like romance, but here not so much. The execution is key. The music did not impress me either. What you think about the lion becoming real eventually in maybe the most memorable moment of the film is up to you to decide. For me it didn't do too much. On the more positive side, seeing Varda in one of her rare acting roles, even if it was a nothing performance sitting in the park and reading a book, was kinda delightful though. Shame her film here does not ooze the charm she does and the more I see from her, the more disappointed I am sadly. Not my favorite filmmaker I suppose. Her recent Oscar-nominated documentary disappointed me as well. Now back to this film she made here early in the new millennium when she was already in her 70s as well, it is not a failure, but to me not good enough for a positive recommendation. I suggest you watch something else instead.

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