The Underdog

2018 [KOREAN]


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So-dam Park as Bamyi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by buttons-38295 10 / 10

Amazing movie, but maybe not entirely "suited for all ages".

This movie was a trip. It started off with a seemingly innocent, yet sad plot, but from the moment I watched a injured dog be thrown from a vehicle and then soon die I knew that this movie may not be the best for young children. I adored this movie, and would recommend it to anyone, but be aware that this movie WILL scar your children! I had no idea just how graphic this movie really was, it was simply divine. Inspiring, diverse, romantic, horrific, brutal, heartbreaking, delightful.

Reviewed by dopeydinosaur 9 / 10

Expected a dumb kids' movie - pleasantly surprised it wasn't.

I'm a grown man but a sucker for animated talking animal stories. The target audience for these types of movies is children of course, but I decided to watch anyway, hoping it could at least keep my attention. Several times during the movie I said to myself "oh that's not for kids" which, while not going too far, were really just things the North American audience isn't used to seeing in an animated film. The story felt more "real" than the movies we usually see. And for that, I was thankful. It did hold my attention. It did not insult me as an adult viewer. It was cute, and funny, and serious, and the animation was excellent. What it did do was entertain me, like a movie should. Very happy I chose to watch this one!

Reviewed by westsideschl 4 / 10


First, both depiction and dialogue disparaging human treatment of dogs (or animals in general) made it seem as if cruelty was a common & major part of human behavior. Yes, at the end we seen a spot of kindness, but it seemed just as artificial as the nastiness depictions. Second, the animals themselves talked & behaved in very unnatural ways that ranged from mean spirited to Mama Teresa sacrificial kindness. Third, made in South Korea the scenes where the dogs escape across the DMZ seemed too political & pointless. Fourth, the animation quality of flat mono colored both foreground moving characters & all of the unmoving background scenes gave no life or realness to anything. English dialogue seemed very un-dog like, and more actor like.

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