The Triplets of Belleville

2003 [FRENCH]

Animation / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 7.8 10 51029

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mainecoon50 8 / 10

What does it all mean?

Yesterday evening a friend introduced me to this extraordinary piece of animation. After watching it I was left with the feeling that I'd just watched a film which communicated something to me, but I wasn't quite sure what that might be. For hours afterward I thought to myself, "Why did that film appeal to me so?" The story is simple and straightforward. The details are charming and nuanced. The rendering is a true tour-de-force. The one thing that caught my eye was the sheen of the water as Mme. Souza and Bruno are crossing the ocean in pursuit of her grandson. I can hardly believe that was animation. Then I noticed the play of the light on the water reflected against the hulls of the boats at dock in the harbor. My friend pointed out the skill of the graphic designers in maintaining the proper camera angles of the projected live film footage on the screen during the chase sequence.

The music is absolutely captivating. Everything from the opening dance-hall sequence to the extraordinary use of the Kyrie from Mozart's Mass in C Minor during the storm at sea and the entrance into the harbor of Belleville. Notice how the music builds in richness as the camera descends from the few spires at the beginning of the sequence to the dense mass at street level.

Remembering the details and how they relate to each other and the film as a whole keeps you thinking about the significance of the film's contents. For instance, I only now remember that the opening sequence was drawn in the archaic, fluid style of early cartoon animation (Steamboat Willy, Olive Oyl and Popeye) because, of course, it was depicting events which predated the time of the film proper. The style served a purpose, beyond being an end in itself.

For a long time after watching the film I remained puzzled about its appeal to me. I've seen a large number of animated feature films, but none have left me quite as reflective as did this one. I was less concerned with the meaning of the details. It is a cartoon, after all.

I continued to wonder about Madame Souza's expression. About how the creator was able to invest such meaning in those simple dark circles set behind thick lenses and the line of her mouth, which modulated between forthright resolve and a gentle satisfaction. Then it occurred to me. Beyond the larger outline of the story and the details in which it is couched, it tells us of the power of one person's love and concern for another. I suppose we all wish we could receive such unconditional love, and it makes us feel warm to think that such a thing could actually be. Even if only in a cartoon.

The film either will or will not appeal to you, depending on what it is you're looking for in an animated feature film. I watched it without expectations, and was left wondering, "Why does it resonate with me?" And you'll want to see it again.

Reviewed by FilmOtaku 8 / 10

Unusual and delightful

Rarely am I riveted by animated cinema that isn't good Japanese Anime, but 'The Triplets of Belleville' had my eyes glued to the screen from the beginning. The story is quite simple: A grandmother tries to make her young grandson (who is living with her) happy, and discovers his fascination for bicycles, so she buys him one. Cut to years later, and he is now a contender for the Tour de France, with his grandmother still doting on him, now acting as his trainer. During the race itself he and other riders are kidnapped and taken to Belleville, so the grandmother and their enormously fat dog go looking for him. Without money or shelter, the two are discovered by three old women, former famous vaudevillians – The Triplets of Belleville. They invite her and the dog in to stay and help her attempt to rescue her grandson.

'The Triplets of Belleville' is wonderfully unusual in many ways. Firstly, the character design by director Sylvain Chomet is abstract and garish. Most characters are extremely ugly, and almost every citizen of Belleville other than the primaries are grotesquely obese. (Even the Statue of Liberty in Belleville's harbor is ridiculously fat) The goons who kidnap the grandson are hilarious in their design – they have tall, completely square shoulders and at times morph together. The cyclists have half inch waists, agonized faces and enormous leg muscles. Also, there is almost no dialogue during the 81 minute film. There are a couple of songs, (the music in 'Belleville' is great) but other than some incidental sounds, there is maybe a couple of lines of actual dialogue. This serves as definitive proof that the film was brilliantly told through the action and animation.

To be sure, 'The Triplets of Belleville' is not for everyone. It is probably the antithesis of Disney or Pixar in its abstractness, intelligence and design. Not to say that the others are not intelligent, most aren't, but films like 'Finding Nemo' rely on pop culture to convey their wit, whereas 'The Triplets of Belleville' is brilliantly compelling with a handful of words. A strong 8/10.


Reviewed by lambiepie-2 10 / 10

Pixar yes, but here's OTHER Animation

What a wonderful gem of work this is, and I am glad that it was done RECENTLY.

In a time when Pixar is setting the standard for "animation", here comes a film that makes you remember why you liked animation in the first place. This is a wonderful technique film, a study of art film, an abstract film, a joy to watch. The story might be a bit complicated for most to keep up but the beauty of it is - it's complexity. The grandmother was wonderful as well as the dog and the cyclist -- but what blew me away was the overdrawn charatures of the characters.

And there will be no more "frogs" for me, ladies! :)

A deserved USA Oscar nomination. In a Pixar world, bring on more like these to keep the balance too!

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